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MEME TO EARN: ThankApe And 3look Want To Reward Memers In The ApeCoin Ecosystem!

Meme’s are a big part of Web3 culture and these ApeCoin DAO funded projects are working together to reward memers in the $Ape ecosystem with some coins!

ThankApe, an ApeCoin DAO sponsored project that aims to reward active contributors in the ApeCoin ecosystem, has teamed up with 3Look, an ApeCoin DAO funded meme maker app, to reward reply guys and content creators for their $Ape centric posts!

“@ThankAPE is thrilled to join forces with @3look_io, a fellow ApeCoin DAO-funded project,” ThankApe tweeted this afternoon. “Show your creativity by creating and sharing your ApeCoin meme, tagging @ThankAPE, including the tag #ThankAPEMeme and start earning $APE rewards for your valuable contributions! Together, we’re shaping a vibrant ApeCoin community. Explore the 3look contribution now at!”

Take a look at some of the memes that have already been created:

ApeCoin DAO Contributors can earn 3 $Ape per meme they make and post using 3look, according to ThankApe’s website.

This meme making activation is just one of several opportunities that ApeCoin DAO Contributors have to earn $Ape through ThankApe.

For more information on how you can get involved with ThankApe and start earning ApeCoin, check out the project’s website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this meme initiative and will let you know what ThankApe and 3look do next. Stay tuned for updates!

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