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Memes Are Playing A Big Role In Punks Comic's Ape Madness,

As Punk Comic’s Ape Madness voting comes to an end, memes are playing a big role.

Bored Ape #4065 known as Gold-rilla is facing off against Bored Ape #8664 known as Dr. Goldenbunny. At the time of this articles publication, Gold-rilla was leading the doctor with 60% of the vote.

Gold-rilla’s campaign manager, Spottiewifi, has made daily memes and put together a campaign for the race. These memes are all at his opponents expense.

Yesterday Spottie shared memes depicting Dr. Goldenbunny as Connor Mcgregor after Saturday night’s UFC fight where the fighter broke his leg.

In the past, Spottie has also made memes questioning whether Dr. Goldenbunny is a real doctor and about his opponent being listed for sale on Opensea.

“Yep Gold-Rilla has formed a sizeable lead thanks to his tremendous reputation with the Ape and broader NFT community,” Spottie told the Gazette. “Our opponent has accused us of employing unsavory tactics but all we did is point out that he is literally for sale on OpenSea at this very moment, and he is also a fake doctor! The people deserve the truth, and that is what we give them.”

While Spottie’s memes and posts have helped Gold-rilla in the polls, his opponent, Dr. Goldenbunny, questions whether Spottie’s tactics are acceptable for this competition.

“Honestly I don’t want to say anything negative about any of my fellow apes, Dr Goldenbunny said. “But I’m really not sure I how feel about my opponents approach in trying to win this election. I’m all about being “fair” and respecting others. I came into this “tournament” thinking we are all here to appreciate different apes and of course great chance to market our own apes as well. But if I knew this was gonna become like a political campaign with memes to attack others and doing a giveaways to earn votes, then I honestly don’t wanna be part of it.”

Dr Goldenbunny went on to explain how he hopes there will be standards on what is and is not allowed in future ape competitions.

“There will always be more opportunities to market our apes in the coming future,” he said. “But I believe it is very important to set a good guidelines/standard of what should be allowed and what is not.”

While the two apes have different methods and strategies on this competition, they’re both bullish on the future of Punks Comic.

I love punks Comic and I will support it to the end (I own couple myself),” Dr Goldenbunny said. “But I don’t believe in this process of how my opponent is going about to win.”

As the voting for the final round is about to end, check out what Dr Goldenbunny and Gold-Rilla’s final pitches for why they should be selected for the comic book.

Spottie: “When Gold-Rilla wins, he will bring some much needed swagger to the comic, and he will help merge the Punks Comic universe with the Spottieverse because he is Spottie WiFi's hype man. Spottie is no stranger to the Punks Comic universe himself, as he wrote and recorded the original Punks Comic theme song. Gold Rilla will also represent the Cheetah Gang and rumor has it he is working with Spottie on some new music to celebrate his pending victory of he finishes with the W.”

Dr. Goldenbunny: “Dr. Goldenbunny is full of character and life and I have no doubt he will be a great character edition to punks Comic vol. 2 and also I have no doubt my opponent ape will be a great edition to the comics too but just wanted a fair fight without attacking others and making it a fair match.”

Be sure to vote in Ape Madness here:

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