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MOCA CHRISTMAS: Animoca Brands Announced That The Mocaverse Project Just Raised Another $11.888M USD

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

It's going to be a very Mocca Christmas in the $Ape ecosystem after Animoca Brands announced that there will be another $11,888,888 USD of funding underneath the Mocaverse’s Christmas tree this year!


The Mocaverse, an Animoca Brands membership NFT collection consisting of 8888 unique collectibles, has been making Moca moves around the Web3 space, catching the eye of NFT collectors and investors.

These moves are paying off, as Animoca Brands took to Twitter on Friday and announced that the project has received its second round of funding since September 2023, raising an additional $11,888,888 and bringing the project’s total raise to $31,888,000 USD!


“Proud to announce that we raised a total of $31.88 million for @MocaverseNFT & MOCA ID with new strategic partners @B1, @okx, @ForesightVen, @0xPolygon, @dapperlabs and frens that will further our vision to help expand the space together with the @animocabrands ecosystem,” Animoca Brands’ Chairman and former ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member Yat Siu tweeted after the announcement.



After capping off a great 2023 with another round of funding, the Mocaverse project is looking ahead to a 2024 that will be filled with Moca. IDs being minted by the community, Moca activations with Animoca Brands' partners, $Ape voting, and mass adoption!

“The Company views the funding announced today as further validation of the vision of Mocaverse to establish and serve as the empowerment layer for Web3 culture and entertainment, facilitating seamless onboarding and sustained growth for Web3 projects,” Animoca Brands wrote in a press release. “As part of this vision, Mocaverse is creating the Web3 Frequent Player Program, a loyalty system powered by Mocaverse loyalty points (“Realm Points”). Mocaverse will serve as an interoperable meta experience layer for Web3 identity, social, and growth. Mocaverse users will be empowered to create their own digital identity, accrue reputation, and earn and spend Realm Points by engaging within the Mocaverse ecosystem, seeded by Animoca Brands' more than 400 portfolio companies and its partner network with over 700 million addressable users."


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mocaverse and will let you know what they do next. Stay tuned for updates!

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