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MOCA MATH: The Mocaverse Is Working To Solve An Equation To Determine How Much $Moca Mocas Will Receive Later This Year!

The Mocaverse is burning the midnight oil this evening after the collection released a new photo featuring an equation that many believe can be used to determine how much $Moca Mocas will get later this year!

"Calling all Degen mathematicians,” the Mocaverse NFT project tweeted this morning. “ +-/X=!? Solve the equation.”

Following this post, Mocas put their math skills to the test and showed their work in the comment section.

As many Mocas tried to figure out the equation, S4mmy.Moca, who does research at Mocaverse, shared a lengthy analysis on $Moca’s possible tokenomics along with some tips and tricks for those who are looking to up their potential $Moca allocations!


While we do not know how much $Moca Mocas will get later this year, we do know that they will definitely be getting coins!


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the Mocaverse officially announced its partnership with the Moca Foundation on the project's birthday, March 6th, and revealed that every Moca will receive $Moca!


“As a token of appreciation, $MOCA has been reserved for our NFT holders on behalf of @MOCAFoundation as launch partner,” the Mocaverse tweeted. “Each NFT will be allocated [redacted] $MOCA Turn on notifications for further details on $MOCA, the snapshot, the math, and the myth! In the meantime, keep your Mocas SAFU and staked.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mocaverse and will keep you posted on all things $Moca. Stay tuned for updates!

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