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MOONBIRDS MONDAY: Yuga Labs Announced 'Moonbirds Universe' Today. Here's What You Need To Know:

It was Moonbirds Monday in the Yugaverse today as the project announced 'Moonbirds Universe,' which encompasses everything from new art owned by holders, to 3D avatars that can be used in the Otherside and beyond, and places for bribs to call home in the world of Volaria!

The birb was the word on Monday as Yuga Labs made several announcements about  the Moonbirds in an eight part Twitter thread.


“Today we’re announcing that we’re building the Moonbirds Universe, and it starts with you,” Yuga Labs tweeted from the Moonbirds account.

In this post, Yuga Labs announced that Moonbird holders will be receiving new art with full IP rights in the next few weeks.

“Moonbirds are going to be more than just a pixel jpg. As we transform the brand, we’ll be introducing a new art direction AND 3D avatars - built for animation, Otherside, and beyond.”


Along with creating new art, Yuga Labs will also be creating a digital world dubbed Volaria for the birbs to flock together.


“But the Moonbirds Universe doesn’t stop at the screen,” the project teased. “IRL and physicals will bring the brand to life. Look out for dedicated events to bring Moonbirds together, including a satellite event next to Apefest 2024 in Lisbon this October. We’re also working on partnerships for Moonbirds physical collectibles. Take flight with us on the next adventure into the Moonbirds Universe.”


Today’s announcements come two and a half months after Yuga Labs acquired the PROOF Collective and the Moonbirds in a in all-stock deal.


Following today’s announcements, Moonbirds gave the community its first look at the collection's new art.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Moonbirds Universe and will let you know when and how Moonbird holders can get their updated art when it is released. Stay tuned for updates!

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