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MORE ON $MOCA: Mocaverse Members And Moca ID Holders Learned More About The Upcoming $Moca Airdrop Today!

The $Moca is brewing in the expanded $Ape ecosystem today as the Mocaverse and the Moca Foundation shared new information about the NFT holders’ and Moca ID members' upcoming airdrops!

 On Wednesday, the Mocaverse’s founder, Tyler Durden, went on an ‘All About $Moca Airdrop’ space and announced that 10% of the $Moca token’s supply will go to Mocaverse NFT holders and that they will receive their tokens in three tranches, with 1/3 of their tokens being made available to them at $Moca’s Token Generation Event (TGE), another third being distributed weekly over 12 months beginning 3 months after the TGE, followed by a final third being released sometime in the future as part of future incentives.

Mocaverse NFT holders are not the only one who will be getting an airdrop, according to Durden. Moca ID holders can also look forward to an airdrop during the $Moca token’s TGE followed by a secondary airdrop at a later date.

“There’ll be a minimum RP threshold for airdrop eligibility, which will be announced closer to TGE along with the mechanism,” the Mocaverse project tweeted in a TLDR following thr Space. “Again, the more RP you have, the more $MOCA you earn. RP is a form of proof-of-engagement, and airdrop will be distributed in a non-linear manner based on evaluation of participation.”

While these airdrops and tokens are exciting, Durden reiterated throughout the space that “the airdrop is not the endgame,” and that the goal of $Moca is to bring even more people and partners into their expanding network. “More partners, more active users, and more adoption,” Durden said.

Take a look at the full $Moca token allocation chart below:



$MOCA airdrop at TGE marks only the beginning to grow the Moca Network,” the Mocaverse tweeted. “It’s never a one-off drop and the Network Incentives pie is for everyone who participates in and contributes to the network.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the $Moca Foundation began making waves in the Web3 world in January 2024 when community members first found the Moca Foundation's mysterious Twitter account.

Two months later in March, 2024, the Mocaverse officially announced its partnership with the Moca Foundation and revealed that every Moca will receive $Moca!



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mocaverse and the $Moca token and will let you know when it’s officially released. Stay tuned for updates!

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