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Mutant Mudder Owner KaraHoliday Is Selling 900 Of The Insane Vehicle's POAPs For .015 Eth Each!

Bored Ape Yacht Club member KaraHoliday’s Mutant Mudder POAP sale is officially live, and everyone in the swamp and the broader NFT space is invited to purchase one of the 1,000 POAP collectibles for 0.015 ETH!


While you may not have won Yuga Labs’ Mutant Mudder mobile during the BAYC’s Apes Vs. Mutants Mobile Game Competition last year, you now have the chance purchase a limited edition NFT of the vehicle!


“Mutant Mudder NFT Sale: Send Eth Here: 0xF60a6c68e5Cac95e24eB1EF031A1154d05250689 -$33.33 (.015 $ETH),” BAYC member and Mutant Mudder owner KaraHoliday tweeted at 6 P.M. EST. “ETH only -900 supply -First come first serve -Open 48hrs or sellout f you don’t get one in time, I will refund ome be apart of history”



Along with selling 900 of the 1,000 POAPs online, KaraHoliday also teased that she’s ‘planning something’ in the next three weeks for Apes in Utah to claim the last 100. POAPs in person.


At the time of this article’s publication, KaraHoliday has already sold 60 over the 900 insane POAPs! Take a look at what the POAP looks like below:



“Why would you want one,” KaraHoliday tweeted earlier this week. “ITS A FKIN GRAIL, enough said. What other NFT is permanently attached to a smelly lifted widebody Hoonda with teeth. Be a part of this soon-to-be historical masterpiece.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, KaraHoliday won the Mutant Mudder mobile, a 2002 Honda Accord decked out in MAYC regalia with a full grill and a lift kit,  in January 2022 when she got finished in first place in the MAYC side of the BAYC’s Apes Vs. Mutants Mobile Game Competition!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow KaraHoliday’s POAP sale and will let you know her plans for an in-person event when more information becomes available. Stay tuned for updates!

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