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NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Pitched An Idea For A "Marketplace For Apes" Today. Find Out More:

NFT marketplace Magic Eden posted an Ape Improvement Proposal idea to the ApeCoin DAO’s forum about making a marketplace for the Yuga Labs ecosystem.

In a post titled “AIP Idea: A Marketplace for Apes, by Apes, built by Magic Eden,” the NFT marketplace laid out its idea for a marketplace inside the Apecoin DAO.

“Magic Eden’s vision is to build the ApeCoinDAO marketplace, the home for $APE holders to buy and sell ApeCoinDAO NFTs, including but not limited to BAYC, MAYC and BAKC. All inside of the DAO’s native home at a 0.75% transaction fee and no cost to the DAO,” Magic Eden wrote.

Further, Magic Eden explained that its marketplace would feature bidding options in ETH and $Ape, discounts for APE payments, merch functionality, and custom engineering & marketing resources, according to their post.

In the post, Magic Eden said that the company will not charge the ApeCoin DAO to build the marketplace.

As Magic Eden posted its idea to the DAO forum, the company also took to Twitter and shared a seven-part Twitter thread about their idea.

After Magic Eden tweeted its thread, the ApeCoin DAO retweeted Magic Eden's post and wrote "gm - ApeCoin fam, join the discussion and share your thoughts at Discourse:"

The ApeCoin DAO's retweet of Magic Eden's thread lead one of the largest BAYC holders to Tweet his concerns about the ApeCoin DAO and its retweet of Magic Eden.

“Fuck ApeCoin,” MachiBigBrother tweeted. “I like Magic Eden but that’s bullshit they never retweeted X or ApeFi.”

Machi went on to tweet “ApeCoin fucking governance theater. ApeCoin council corrupt. Useless @CartanGroup @caruanab.”

After his tweets, Machi sold several Mutant Apes and appears to have sold 1,000,000 $Ape, according to Etherscan data.

The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to some ApeCoin DAO Board Members and Caruana for comment on the Magic Eden retweet but did not immediately hear back.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this story. Stay tuned for updates.

Disclosure: The Bored Ape Gazette recently received a grant from the ApeCoin DAO after the community voted in support of AIP 70. Further, Brandon Caruana is helping the Gazette update its website as stated in AIP 70.

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