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Nifty Tailor's Latest Edit Has Bored Ape Yacht Club Members Heading Into The Halving In Style!

It’s halving day eve around the Web3 world, and as Bored Ape Yacht Club Members top off their Xverse wallets, learn about UTXOs, and ape into Pre-Runes with hopes of striking it rich on the first-ever Bitcoin memecoins tomorrow, the Club’s resident seamster has released a new edit to ensure the community heads into the halving in style!

Things are anything but boring around the swamp this evening as Apes, Punks, Meebs, Birbs, Grailed, and Degens scroll through Twitter in hopes of positioning themselves accordingly for tomorrow’s Bitcoin halving, which is preprogrammed event that happens every four years where the reward for Bitcoin mining is cut in half.

As community members do their own research, Nifty Tailor completed its own proof of work with a new halving-themed edit that applies a Bitcoin-orange hue across half of an Ape’s profile photo; that goes perfectly with their Bitcoin hoodie!

“The #Halving2024 is almost here,” Nifty Tailor tweeted this afternoon along with a photo of their halving look. “Get ready apes. You can find the overlay in the “accessory” dropdown on our website. Thanks @0xBonzo for the idea.”


BAYC members can get their primates dressed for halving day success by visting Nifty Tailor’s website here:


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued halving coverage. Stay tuned for updates!

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