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NO SLEEP TILL B-APE MERCH: Hundreds Of BAYC Members Lined For The IRL BAYC X BAPE Merch Drop!

No sleep until ApeFest has never been truer. After a late night of community happy hours, hundreds of Bored Ape Yacht Club members lined up as early as 5 A.M. for the chance to purchase a limited-edition pair of shoes and other items from the BAYC X BAPE collection!

Things are anything but boring in Central Hong Kong this morning as Apes from around the world lined up early to get their paws on rare merch from one of the most anticipated collabs in club history.

“I got here at 5:30 doors open at 9,” BAYC member Franalations who is 20th in line told the Gazette. “Vibes are lit the ape community is all fam. So people are sharing food passing it down the line bananas, water, everything.”

Lining up early for exclusive drops is nothing new to Franaltions, who’s been in the collecting game since the early 2000’s.

“I saw the post saying 7am line starts,” he said “But early bird gets the worm. So I knew we had to get here earlier than that Been camping out / collecting sneakers since ether early 2000s. So I already know how these line ups go.”

Franalations told the Gazette that the BAYC X BAPE shoes in this drop are different from BAPE's previous collaborations.

"The shoes in particular are incredible," he said. "Cuz BAPE doesn’t really do icy clear soles. Not to mention each paid is individual numbered and features branding stamps for each of these icon brands. They really created something unlike any other BAPE collab sneaker."

Apes who lined up alongside Franalations this morning will have the opportunity to purchase two unique items from the collection. While Apes who did not line up and instead opted for the online drop will be able to purchase one item per check out in the online store.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the BAYC X BAPE drop. Stay tuned for updates.

Shoutout to RicefarmerNFT for the cover photo!

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