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ON ONE!: Gucci Grails And G-Tag Holders Can Compete In ON1 Force's Missions Starting Next Thursday!

The Grailed are on one after Yuga Labs announced that that Gucci Grails and G-Tag holders will be able to compete for prizes in ON1 Force’s missions starting next week!


Things were good in New Tokyo on Thursday after 10KTF and ON1 Force announced that Gucci Grails and G-Tag Holders can start participating in the project’s daily and weekly missions beginning next Thursday, January 25th!


“We are extremely proud to announce our new partnership and extend a warm welcome to our New Tokyo friends,” ON1 Force tweeted. “@10ktfshop Gucci Grails and G Tag holders will be able to earn points in the 0N1 Points System starting Thursday, 2/25! Register now: All Gucci Grail and G Tag holders will be able to earn passive points by holding Gucci Grails or G Tags and complete challenges to compete for over $300K in prizes! Like and RT this for the first mission for 200 0N1 Points and a chance to win a G Tag!”



In order to participate in ON1’s upcoming missions, Gucci Grail and G-Tag Holders will need to connect their wallets to the project’s site and verify their Twitter accounts. Note, ON1 Force does support wallet delegation, so the 10KTF community does not need to connect their cold wallets to the site to play!

Following the announcement, ON1 Force’s CEO, StarLordy, took to Twitter and said how happy the project is to invite the Grailed into their game!


“I want to take a heartfelt moment to thank @10KTFshop and their entire team past and present for their importance to @0n1Force,” StarLordy tweeted. “For a long time we used to joke that 10KTF was the only reason we didn’t go to zero! So today is really a beautiful day because this was the partnership our OG community always asked for and now we have the opportunity to give so much love back to the @10KTFshop community for all they have given not just us but to the space. Definitely looking forward to the future of  @10KTFshop and stay tuned for more information on the collaboration! (End of thread)”



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this collaboration between 10KTF and ON1 Force and will keep you posted on the upcoming missions. Stay tuned for updates!


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Mike Jason
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