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ON THE BALLOT: This Ape Improvement Proposal Wants To Bring SocialFi To ApeChain When It Launches Next Month!

Get ready to like, retweet, and reply guy your way up the $Ape leader-boreds because there is an Ape Improvement Proposal on the ballot this week that hopes to bring SocialFi summer to the ApeChain ecosystem when it launches next month!

AIP-437 titled ‘ A Powerup for ApeChain: Blever - where NFTs & Social Farming meet,’ is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor and Mega Koda holder Kodama.

“Introducing Blever, a cutting-edge web3 platform combining NFTs with social farming & incentivized content creation,” Kodama wrote. “The platform empowers teams to effortlessly bring their creations to life while enjoying unparalleled hype & attention. By leveraging social login and seamless FIAT payments, Blever provides easy access to ApeChain not only for experienced users but also for casual players and retail. In addition to gaming, you also need fun, culture, memes, and PFPs to make ApeChain appealing and popular. Blever is designed to do just that.”

Further in his proposal, Kodama explained that Blever users will be able to link their Apechain wallets to their favorite social media platforms and complete social tasks to earn points and get rewarded!

“ApeChain needs builders, users, fun & culture,” Kodama wrote. “We aim to become an ApeChain launch partner. Consider us to be an external business development arm for ApeChain. Via our platform, we will onboard creators, users, culture & fun to ApeChain. We have already started with outreach to various brands and projects + we have existing/confirmed partnerships as well.”


At the time of this proposal going up for a vote, Kodama and his team have already put three months of work and $40,000 USD of their own money into Blever, according to their AIP.

In total, Kodama and his team are asking the ApeCoin DAO to allocate 185,000 $Ape or $220,000 USD to the project, with the majority of the funds going towards platform design, development, and marketing. If passed, Kodama anticipates Blever will be ready to launch at the same time as ApeChain this July. Take a look at the full budget below:


The window to vote on AIP-437 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until Wednesday, June 19th, to cast their coins and vote on this proposal.


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about the Blever platform and will bring you an interview with Kodama soon. Stay tuned for updates!





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