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ON THE BALLOT: This ApeCoin Artist Aims To Forge The Web3 Community's PFPs With His Custom Edits

This Crypto Artist’s Ape Improvement Proposal aims to integrate ApeCoin into his project and provide the Web3 community with the chance to forge new and unique versions of their NFTs.

AIP-238 titled “Mecha Chaotic: Forge- Add Chaos To Your PFP” is an ecosystem allocation fund proposal written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor and Mecha Chaotic Founder, Ethan S Brewerton.

“The Forge is an interactive, community-driven platform created by Mecha Chaotic that allows Mecha Chaotic NFT holders to customize and enhance their NFTs from other Collection,” Brewerton explained in his proposal. “By collaborating with their artist, Ethan S. Brewerton, during livestreams, NFT holders can create and add unique traits to their existing NFTs, giving them a personalized touch. This innovative approach to NFT customization encourages community involvement and enhances the value of the NFTs by making them a one-of-a-kind companion piece.”

In total, Brewerton is asking the ApeCoin DAO to allocate 19,000 $Ape or $58,900 USD to his proposal so he can update the forge platform, get guest artists, and focus on forging the community’s ideal derivate NFTs.

“Collectors will collaborate with me to make the traits, and then again while choosing what traits they’d like to use on their PFP in the Forge,” Brewerton wrote. “Think of me as a traveling performer promoting myself while serving the communities, I’m performing in. All the while promoting myself, Mecha Chaotic, and most importantly for you all, ApeCoin.”

Along with using the grant to better the forging process, Brewerton said he will further integrate $Ape as a payment option for the Mecha Chaotic project.

“When I create the Neo Tokyo collection, ApeCoin will be there," he wrote. “When I make the Azuki collection, ApeCoin will be there. When I make the Sappy Seal collection, ApeCoin will be there. When I make the Pudgy Penguin collection, ApeCoin will be there. Each collection I go to will be exposed to ApeCoin and a rad event that they will remember.”

The window to vote on AIP-238 opens tonight at 9 P.M. EST and $Ape holders will have until next Wednesday, June 7th, to cast their coins.

ApeCoin DAO contributors that would like to read Brewerton’s full proposal can check it out here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow AIP-238 and is working to bring you additional coverage of this proposal. Stay tuned for updates!

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