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One Republic Briefly Featured Bored Ape #4951 In Its Latest Music Video

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

One Republic released a new music video today that briefly featured one of the band’s bored apes.

The bands new song, “Sunshine,” was released earlier today and a bored ape can be seen at the 58 second mark.

“We’ve been having “Saturday Morning Cartoons” nostalgia and this was the perfect song to bring that to life,” the band tweeted earlier today.

This music video certainly feels like a Saturday morning cartoon based on the animated style. This reporter personally got a Scooby-Doo vibe.

Near the 58 second mark when Bored Ape #4951 is featured, the main characters are traveling on a scooter taking in the sights and sounds of the world. The video then speeds up and the group finds themselves at an art gallery with the Mona Lisa on their left and Bored Ape #4951 on their right.

Bored Ape #4951 is a six trait red fur ape with a fez hat, sunglasses and a leather punk jacket.

At the time of this articles publication, the music video has already amassed over 39,000 views on YouTube.

Be sure to check out the full video here:

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