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ORDER UP: Bored N Hungry Opened Its Second Location In The Philippines This Week!

The Philippines are a little less bored and hungry after Bored Ape Yacht Club inspired burger chain, Bored N Hungry, opened its second location in the pearl of the orient earlier this week!

“GM,” Bored N’ Hungry tweeted from its BoredHungryAsias account on Tuesday. “Come visit our 2nd branch in the Philippines today at Public Eatery, 4F, Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City!”

Bored N Hungary’s second location in the Philippines will not only serve its OG Burgers but also a Pinoy OG Burger that’s based on Filipino flavors!

“The Bored & Hungry Pinoy OG Flavor is very different from the OG Flavor we’ve grown to love, yet, it’s just as good,” BAYC member and Bored N Hungry IP Business Development Lead, JBond previously told the Gazette. “The Pinoy OG Flavor uses chorizo mixed in the patty. It also has a fried egg as part of the patty. Chorizo + Egg breakfast meal is something that’s very popular in the Philippines. To top it off, it uses banana catsup and popular Pinoy sauce, atsara, as part of the burger. This makes the burger sweeter than the OG burger. Filipinos love sweet meal and this one just feels home. I’m proud of Bored & Hungry Philippines for creating a Filipino meal to celebrate the Philippines, its second home outside USA.”

To celebrate the grand opening of Bored N Hungry’s second location in the Philippines, the restaurant invited the BAYCKada, a community of Pinoy BAYC members, to grab a bored bite!

“Thanks for solving @bayckada’s boredom & hunger,” the BAYCKada tweeted. “@BoredHungryAsia BAYCkada apes went full force to support Bored & Hungry’s 2nd branch in the Philippines Come visit the new branch.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bored N Hungry as the brand continues to expand. Stay tuned for updates!

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