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ORIGINAL HOUND: Lior.Eth Shared An Image Of The First Mutant Hound. The Full Story Here:

As the NFT community waits for new information on Lior.Eth’s highly anticipated Mutant Hounds project, the notable founder gave the world a look at the project’s past.

Lior.Eth took to Twitter today and shared an image of the original Mutant Hound, “Sam.”

“1 year ago we released Sam, Blaksoot’s hound,” Lior said in a quote tweet. “@MutantHounds collection has been in production ever since. fun fact: Sam (and the Hounds) is modeled after my irl doggo. if Sammy only knew the journey, we’re on thanks to him!”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previosuly reported, Lior. Eth has been teasing the NFT community with images from the Mutant Hounds collection since August 2022.

“Meet Psilo, the Mega Trippy Hound,” Lior.Eth tweeted on August 25th. “My team and I have been busy building upon and expanding the universe of the MAYC. Psilo, his mega brothers, and many other mutated monstrosities will cross over into our world very soon. be ready. mutants are insane.”

Since Lior’s first tweet about the Mutant Hounds, the Mutant Cartel Founder has shared several insane Mutant Hound images on social media.

“We're building an entire universe, another planet inside an existing galaxy,” Lior previosuly told the Bored Ape Gazette. “The hounds are companions to the Mutants, and will have their very own stories, steeped with lore, exciting new mechanics, and insane stories.”

Yesterday, the Mutant Cartel announced that Lior and his team will give the NFT community and update on the Mutant Hounds during the group’s Mutant Cartel event in London next week.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mutant Hounds project and will let you know when new information about the project is released.

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