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PARTY WITH THE PUNKS: Beeple Has Invited 'Aspiring Punk Owners' To His Studio Party Next Month

You aren’t being Punk’d, Beeple announced that he will be letting some ‘aspiring Punk Owners’ attend his CryptoPunk meet up at his studio next month!

On Tuesday, artist and CryptoPunk #4593 holder, Beeple, announced that he was opening his CryptoPunk party at his studio in Charleston, South Carolina on September 30th to the broader web3 ecosystem that does not own a Punk.

“Punks are expensive af. i get it,” Beeple tweeted. “In an effort to make the CryptoPunks meetup @ Beeple Studios more inclusive and engage people who are aspiring! punk owners, we have set aside a limited number of tickets for those who don't yet own a punk but are interested in learning more!! i personally believe more NFT events should allocate a limited number of tickets for people OUTSIDE their community otherwise we're just perpetuating the echo-chamber. we need to bring in NEW people who are interested in joining but want to learn a little more before taking the plunge. let us know why you're interested in punks and hopefully we'll see you there!!”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Beeple’s Punks Party will consist of two parts, a day and a night event.

During the day event, which will be from 1-4 P.M. EST, guest will meet their fellow holders, listen to community speakers such as Larva Labs founders Matt and John, and ‘argue about how undervalued clown nose punks are!’

Following the day event, the Punks will then reconvene at Beeple’s studio at 8 P.M. EST for a night of debauchery, networking ,and experiencing the Punks collection like never before in Beeple’s “experiential Space.”

Along with the talks and networking, attendees will also get to check out tons of community- art that was made by folks who were inspired by the 10,000 24x24 pixel characters living on the Ethereum blockchain!

To attend next month's event, Non-Punk holders must fill out the RSVP link below and tell the artist why they'd like to party with the Punks!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Beeple’s Punks Party. Stay tuned for updates.

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