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PASSED: The ApeCoin DAO Voted In Favor Of A Proposal To Fund A Meebits "Prop House." Find Out More:

On Wednesday the Apecoin DAO approved on an Ape Improvement Proposal to fund a series of $Ape microgrants for Meebit builders.

The $Ape community voted in favor of AIP-110 titled “ Meebits PropHouse Sponsored By ApeCoin” written by ApeCoin Special Council member Maaria Bajwa.

“I'm grateful for the DAO's support on this proposal, and I'm excited to see what people build for Meebits,” Bajwa told the Bored Ape Gazette. “This has been a tough week for crypto and I hope initiatives like this prop house encourage builders to stay in the space. Decentralized on-chain mechanisms like Prop House are the future and I hope the DAO will continue pushing in this direction.”

As a result of AIP-110 being passed by the $Ape community, the DAO will allocate 13,000 $Ape to fund three rounds of Meebit micgrogrants on the Prop House platform. anyone will be able to apply for these grants so long as they expand the functionality, community, or awareness of Meebits and accept ApeCoin as payment, according to AIP-110.

Bajwa told the Gazette that the Prop House team has already finished the development work to make AIP-110 a reality, and that the first round of the Meebits Prop House will launch next week.

“Seneca and the team at Prop House have already done the development work to make this happen. They're incredible, Bajwa said. “The plan is to launch the first round on 11/14. Proposals will be accepted for 10 days. Then Meebits holders will be able to vote for 7 days on the proposals. The top 3 proposals will win the auction.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Meebits Prop House and will bring you more information on it as the contest begins.

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