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PLAY BALL:Improbable and Major League Baseball Are Streaming A Game From Their Virtual Park Tomorrow

Improbable and Major League Baseball are stepping up to the plate and getting ready to hit a home run with their live stream of tomorrow night’s Tampa Bay Rays versus the Anaheim Angels game, live from their virtual ballpark!

The MLB and Improbable, the company working to build the interoperable metaverse that includes Yuga Labs’ Otherside, are inviting the Web3 community to enjoy nine innings of baseball fun in the metaverse tomorrow night!

“Lot of exciting @OthersideMeta news today,” Development VP of MLB and Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Kenny Gersh tweeted. “What else can you do with tech from @Improbableio? How about stage a live @MLB game? You coming @carsonturner? Who you bringing? See all you apes Wednesday night! #RaysUp #GoHalos.”

During the event, fans will get to dress their avatars in baseball merch, win prizes by exploring the park, and watch a live stream of the Rays Vs Angels game.

“This is a huge leap in tech from MLB and our virtual ballpark collab,” Improbable CEO Herman Narula tweeted last week. “For folks that missed a key point: it’s not only that the game is streamed in it’s also that thousands of people around the world could if they want all be present in that space. For a lot of people that’s a type of magical social experience you just can’t easily have irl and certainly it can bring fans together who might never otherwise meet… it’s a first step but an exciting one.”

The MLB and Improbable will open the doors to its digital stadium on September 20th at 6:40 P.M. EST.

For more information about the event, check out the MLB’s website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during the game and will bring you a live report from the virtual ballpark. Stay tuned for updates!

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