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POWERING UP: The Mocaverse Shared A Teaser Trailer For $Moca As The Community Gets Ready To Build!

The coin that powers the Animoca Brands ecosystem was moving this morning in a new sizzle reel as the Web3 world gets ready to build the Mocaverse with $Moca!

On Wednesday, the Mocaverse shared a teaser trailer for the Moca Foundation’s its highly anticipated $Moca coin.

"Let's build Mocaverse,” the NFT project tweeted.


In the 69 second video, we see a Moca Clubhouse and  all sorts of other projects and entities like Farcana, San Fran Tokyo, Imaginary Ones, CoinGecko, The Good The Bad And The Innocent, OneFootball, Pixelmon, Ubsoft, Cube, GAMEE, nWay,Chiliz, Azarus, Champion Tactics, Pixels, among others scattered throughout the Mocaverse!

The video culminates in a Moca inserting a $Moca token into the world and watching it power up before the message “Let’s Build This Home Together. Let’s Build Mocaverse," appears on the screen, followed by Mocaverse and MocaID

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, The Moca Foundation plans to launch $Moca later this year and the Mocaverse NFT project will be one of its inaugural partners.


“Not just another token,” the Moca Foundation tweeted on January 25th. “It’s about breaking barriers & fueling network GROWTH It’s about uniting & exporting CULTURE It’s about fostering cross-community synergy via shared GOVERNANCE.”


“$MOCA by Moca Foundation is the growth network token that redefines network effect in Web3,” the foundation continued. “Becoming THE growth engine to scale the network of networks. Onboarding key cultural pillars: gaming, sports & IP to Web3.Central governance token powering Moca DAO as the DAO of DAOs.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Moca Foundation and will let you know more about $Moca as more information becomes available. Stay tuned for updates!

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