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Project Dragon Is Taking Place At The End Of July And Apes And Meebits will be Able To Fight Their Frens As Their PFPs!

Yuga Labs will be drag-on us all over to the Otherside for the company’s new action shooter game, Project Dragon, around the end of the month, and the entire Yugaverse is invited to ape into the battle alongside Apes and Meebits who can fight their frens as their PFPs!

On Tuesday, Yuga Labs held its fifth Boring Meeting in the Bored Ape Yacht Club Discord channel and gave the community an update on their upcoming Otherside action game series, Project Dragon, which begins later this month.

During today’s meeting, Yuga Labs’ Senior Director of Community and social media, Ian De Borja, announced that Project Dragon will take place at the end of July and that Voyagers, Kodas, BAYC, MAYC, Meebits, Grailed, Moonbirds, and HV-MTLs holders are all invited to ape in and play!

De Borja also revealed that community members will get to choose their team (orange or aquamarine) and their character class (assault, healer, and more), each with different weapons depending on their choice. Then he explained that the community should not view Project Dragon as a "Fortnite killer," but it will be a lot of fun and will push the boundaries of what is possible for an action shooter game, as the company anticipates thousands of people to participate concurrently.

Further, De Borja reminded the community that what players will see in Project Dragon has been built with the Otherside ODK. This means they will be able to expand upon it once Otherside opens, possibly building their own games and events. This echoes Yuga Labs CEO Garga’s post from last month about building together.

“All the components we use to build Project Dragon, we're going to bake that content and those blueprints down for other builders to use and make stuff with the ODK, our extension of the MSquared World Builder,” Garga tweeted. “We make shit. We give it to you. You make shit too. And if any of us ever hit it right, like WarCraft III's custom games / "use map settings" birthed countless stand-alone games and entire genres like MOBAs. Then we're off to the races. Because web3 rails make modding, custom games, monetization, owning part of a network, etc all so, so much better than the legacy web2 model.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Project Dragon and will let you know when more information becomes available. The Bored Ape Gazette is also working on additional coverage of today’s Bored Meeting. Stay tuned for updates!

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