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Prominent Bored Ape Clarence Has A New Owner: What Happened and Why

Prominent Bored Ape #3449, known as Clarence, has a new owner after he was sold two times in the past 24 hours.

Bored Ape #3449 was sold for 1.65 WETH to Twitter user @Mrjosco who promptly sold Clarence to Twitter user @NGBxShpend.

NGBxShpend is currently using Clarance as his profile picture and told the Bored Ape Gazette he plans to keep him and that “ It’s better this way.”

The news of Clarence’s owner Lance selling his high profile ape was shocking to many in the Bored Ape Yacht Club community.

Many Bored Apes commented on Twitter regarding how sad they were to hear this news.

“Noooo,” tweeted NBAtopShotEast.

While some were sad, others felt slightly betrayed.

“When you sell your ape for floor after being a prominent voice amongst the community… People know this is Clarence,” tweeted @steven_schill. “Even if it’s to buy back in on something else… Feels like we’ve been lied to about who that person is.”

After selling Clarence, Lance went on to purchase several Gutter Cats and changed his Twitter username from “Boredape3449” to FelixTheFeline7.

“You should all know there’s a theory behind this,” FelixTheFeline7 tweeted. “Love me or hate me, same vibes brought to the ape community will be brought to the cat community. Crazy how fast ppl turn on you though. So when I do get another ape. I know who’s real and who’s not.”

Many Bored Apes had differing opinions on this situation. Some supported Lance during this time and remembered all the good he has done for the community.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, as Clarence, Lance helped set up “The Great Giveawapes” raffle (BARs) and he also started the banana verification trend.

While some apes were interested in what Lance was doing, other apes had a different opinion.

“Full story: @FelixTheFeline7 has paper hands,” @SlamDiegoZoo tweeted in response to the news.

Since the sale of Clarence, Lance has tweeted several times between last night and today. Lance also posted a couple of Twitter voice messages.

In this pinned Twitter Voice message, Lance tell the BAYC community that he is not leaving the ape community and he still plans to run BARS, but as a cat now. “That would be one way of bonding the cats and the apes,” Lance said.

This idea of bonding the Bored Ape and Gutter Cat communities has come up multiple times in Lance’s tweets.

“Again, love me or hate me, I’m glad we got this out of the way now, so when I do come back with a forever ape, I aint passin yall no type of blunt,” Lance Tweeted. “The real ones hittin this only (pause) BONDING COMMUNITY IS WHAT IM ABOUT. NOT BEING WHO YALL WANT ME TO BE.”

Lance’s ideas of bonding between all NFT communities was echoed by the official Gutter Cats page.

The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Gutter cats about how many in the Bored Ape community also own Gutter Cats. and were told how they want both communities to unite and welcome new users into the NFT space.

“We think it's important that both communities band together and welcome new comers to the NFT space,” Gutter Cats said. “We're just getting started and appreciate the foundation the apes built!”

The Bored Ape Gazette made several attempts to reach out to Lance for comment on the situation and did not hear back from him by the time of this articles publication.

Bored Ape Owner Josh Ong chimed in on the Clarence situation earlier today reminding people that NFT’s are meant to bring people together and that we are all adults with cartoons as our profile pics.

“Bored Apes created a bounded community with the power to include, @beijingdou tweeted. “We don't want to confuse exclusivity with exclusion. I've been inspired by the creativity, joy, and connection from the BAYC community, but let's remember that we're also adults running around with cartoon avis.”

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Jeff Donahue
Jeff Donahue
Jun 10, 2021

I love these so much.

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