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Q&A: Find Out More About AIP-266& How It Will Make The DAO More Efficient, According To ApeForLife

The ApeCoin community is voting on an Ape Improvement Proposal this week that aims to make the DAO more efficient by empowering the Special Council to unilaterally make administrative changes.

AIP-266 titled ‘Authorize Special Council to issue Directives for more efficient DAO operation,’ is a process proposal written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor ApeForLife.

“The proposal seeks to formalize a process for Special Council to give Directives to make DAO administration more efficient and to enable Special Council to immediately implement improvements to administrative functions of the DAO by Special Council themselves or on receipt of a request from any member or administrative worker of the DAO,” ApeForLife wrote.

If passed, AIP-266 would create a new type of proposal dubbed ‘Efficiency Improvement Suggestion’ or EIS.

EIS proposals will go directly to the DAO’s Facilitators who will then forward the EIS to the Special Council for their consideration and publish the EIS under a new EIS tab on the Discourse within two days.

The Special Council will then have 12 days to either accept or reject the EIS.

AIP-266 would also create a new ‘Drafter’ role at the ApeCoin DAO and AIP-266 author, ApeForLife, will fill the position if passed.

This Drafter position will “liaise with Special Council when Special Council requires the Drafter to formally draft the reasons of rejection or approval and Directives as per their instructions. The Drafter will then prepare and forward the relevant draft to Special Council within 2 business days after receiving instructions from them,” according to AIP-266.

Altogether, ApeForLife is requesting that the ApeCoin DAO allocate 48,000 $Ape to AIP-266. This sum of 48,000 $Ape will be utilized to provide a monthly salary of 2,000 $Ape for ApeForLife's newly assumed role as Drafter.

To find out more about AIP-266, the Drafter role, and how this AIP will impact the DAO going forward, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to ApeForLife for an interview. Check it out below:

1. In a sentence or two could you sum up this AIP and what you hope it accomplishes?

“AIP-266 makes it possible to implement administrative improvements of the DAO on a streamlined basis. It enables members of the DAO, facilitators and Stewards to send an Efficiency Improvement Suggestion (EIS) to a Facilitator and Special Council must consider it in a few days and provide a reason for approval or rejection. It can further solve shortcomings in administrative AIPs, that are only later realized - the Ape Assembly even comes to mind. Smaller things like adding a link to Discourse from Twitter or necessary tabs can be done without going through the whole AIP-process. It is completely a waste of resources and time to go through all 9 steps and formalities of the AIP process to get the most simple of administrative changes implemented, but yet it is the only way it can be done currently, unless this AIP is approved. A simple request still falls on deaf ears - without a procedure forcing action, nothing happens and nothing improves in the DAO. The proposal solves this problem and unclogs the AIP-process further from administrative improvement AIPs which should also improve the speed of the AIP-process for projects that require funding. The proposal will further encourage members of the DAO, Facilitators and Stewards to bring about administrative improvements of the DAO about by requiring no formalities for an EIS. It is simply a sentence or two that can be sent to a Facilitator under the heading 'EIS', no complex formalities like an AIP template is required.”

2. What inspired you to write this?

“I noticed some extreme inefficiencies in the DAO, compared to other crypto projects with much smaller marketcaps. The DAO did not have a link from the twitter page to the very important Discourse page. I asked if someone could not add the link and was met by strange answers, such as in future a Working Group might do it or an AIP must be brought. When I asked if they can't just ask Special Council or someone to do it, nothing happened in months - complete inefficiency. Waabam later drafted an AIP to add a tab for 'Treasury' on Discourse, I first commented underneath his AIP if it could not have been done otherwise, but then realized that it could not, because nothing would get done otherwise. I thus started writing this AIP. Waabam later confirmed my conclusion as follows: 'The reality however is that, in our current governance structure, an AIP is the best tool we have to ensure that a particular course of action is made a priority. I agree with you that this is not an optimal administrative process, and I applaud you for proposing a Special Council Directive authority, which may help improve the process:’”

3. Why does the DAO need a designated Drafter position to handle EIS reports?

“The Drafter position is required as members of the DAO can simply make an administrative improvement suggestion, it does not have to be set out by the member. If Special Council accepts it, the Drafter might need to draft an entire procedure to give effect to it as a Directive. To this effect Special Council can instruct the Drafter to create a procedure to their satisfaction to effect the improvement in the DAO. A one sentence suggestion by a member of the DAO, might have to be a Directive of several pages that sets out the procedure and implementation thereof in the DAO and the Drafter might then have to create the procedure and draft it to Special Council's satisfaction. Special Council can themselves also give instructions to the Drafter to draft procedures to their satisfaction so as to improve the functioning of the DAO, that Special Council themselves identified and that will become a Directive of the DAO.”

4. What are the pros and cons of this new streamlined approach to the DAO?

“There are no cons, only pros. The community can recall any Directive that has been issued via a successful DAO wide vote to recall, if they are not satisfied with any Directive that was issued. It is unlikely that this will happen even however, as Directives are limited to Directives for administrative improvements of the DAO.”

5. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“Yes, thank you, I think I need to. Nothing will improve in the DAO, unless the voters start to vote for improvement proposals, such as this one. Don't for one moment think that things will just start to improve by themselves and definitely do not think that it will always be for free either. As Yat Siu so aptly stated previously during Special Council hour to the effect that if you have an idea, present it to the DAO, because that is what the DAO wants and needs to progress and you yourself can even lead it or be involved! So lets start to improve the DAO and get things done more expediently and it can start right here. So please go vote for this proposal and vote for approval of it and please reverse your vote if you already voted against it. I am now a level 3 member of the ApeCoin DAO and there are not many level 3 members, so please give me a reason to do even more for the DAO, as without voter support, I unfortunately can do nothing for the DAO and this gives the DAO some necessary tools that the DAO needs to be able to become more efficient.”

The window to vote on AIP-266 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until Wednesday, August 16th, to cast their coins.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow AIP-266 and will let you know how the DAO votes on this proposal! Stay tuned for updates!

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