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Q&A: This AIP Wants To Give The ApeCoin DAO Some Dot Ape Domains& Donate Money To Charity

There is an Ape Improvement Proposal on the ballot this week that aims to gift the DAO several dot Ape domain names and make a charitable donation.

AIP-298 titled “Transforming Lives with a $100K Donation - Apecoin DAO and W3 Labs Take Action for Positive Change,” is a brand decision proposal written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor and W3 Founder, SirVincentFred.

“This proposal is simply about extending a helping hand to the DAO’s compassionate virtue, contributing a little from Labs for societal good, and securing digital identity for DAO as well,” SirVincentFred wrote. “W3 Labs proposes to donate $50K from their side and would love the ApeCoin DAO to also match that contribution to a charity of DAO’s and community choice.”

If passed, W3 will gift the DAO various dot Ape domain names that are similar to. Eth ENS names and the DAO and W3 will donate money to a charity of the community’s choice.

To find out more about W3, dot Ape names, and AIP-298, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to SirVincentFred for an interview. Check it out below:

In a sentence or two what is your AIP about?

“Our AIP, while containing numerous well-thought-out and structured elements, is fundamentally about one thing: using a relatively modest sum from a vast treasury to do some good, potentially even saving lives. Our primary objective is simple: bringing smiles to faces. The secondary objective is to get this proposal approved and live. Recognizing the rarity of AIP approvals, we understand that our greatest success might lie in the simplicity of getting this AIP live, thus paving the way for future philanthropic endeavours.

What inspired you to write this proposal?

In a world filled with suffering, particularly in light of recent events, we are incredibly fortunate to have access to a substantial treasury—so fortunate that together, our wealth rivals that of the top 3,000 richest individuals globally. Our inspiration stems from Sir Vincent Fred, a DOT APE Founder. He envisioned presenting this AIP as a foundation for more charitable proposals, ideally leading to a future AIP led by another individual for a philanthropy fund manager role. Recognizing the need for a paradigm shift, he sought to plant the seeds now to allow this idea to flourish in the future. W3 Labs, the creators of DOT APE, proposed dedicating 50% of .ape sales to generate $50,000 for the APECOIN DAO's selected charity, with the DAO matching the contribution. Together, we aim to save lives and exemplify our values to the world. It's important to say that we were inspired by our capacity to convey a message to the world—one we can take pride in, one that will be remembered in history, and one that defines us by our actions.

What is dot Ape? How does that work?

"DOT APE serves as a blockchain wallet extension for .ape. It enables users to establish a digital identity for their wallet by assigning it a name instead of relying on a generic wallet address. This concept is analogous to how web2 domain URLs replace IP addresses. Additionally, DOT APE enhances safety and simplifies complexity, making it more accessible for people to enter the web3 ecosystem. Further details can be found in our documentation:….

Why should the DAO have its Dot Ape names?

"If these names aren't held by the Apecoin DAO, they could be acquired by others. Given that DOT APE operates under the Made By Apes license and is held by trusted and known community members, the product creates added incentives for scammers to misuse it for impersonation. While we won't mention specific names here, by visiting, you'll notice other prominent projects that have secured their names with future considerations in mind."

Why did you decide to connect charitable giving and giving the DAO Dot Ape domains?

"The DOT APE aspect in the AIP represents a departure from the typical AIP, something we have called a reverse proposal, as W3 Labs would be contributing to the DAO instead of directly requesting funds. The funds from the DAO would be directed towards charity, along with our contributions, so our role is primarily, if not entirely, altruistic. The additional benefits to the DAO such as the exclusive community .ape credits serve as a gesture of goodwill, a simple act of kindness. By presenting the opportunity to leverage the DOT APE product line and infrastructure, we provide beyond 100k in funds and resources, which includes a 50K donation, free web3 domains, audited smart contracts, PR, and creatives, and more. Since the focus is on charitable giving, we needed a revenue source which shared respectable and trustworthy values. DOT APE was founded by BAYC members, embodying their passion and desire to present a positive web3 narrative to the world, making it a natural synergy to bring everything together and present a viable AIP to the DAO."

What should people know about you before they vote?

"People should approach voting with a natural and unbiased response, free from external influences. We hope to set an example, not to profit. Meaning we don’t wish to story tell here to encourage any outcome, the AIP is detailed and captures the ethos within just the title, although we really hope the community reads it end to end. No matter how the unconscious votes, it remains the most truthful response. The DAO is akin to an organism, built upon emerging technologies. We are, in essence, in the dark regarding its future evolution over the years to come. Within this evolving entity, there exist numerous voices, often leading to internal confusion. However, with each AIP, the DAO gains a deeper understanding of itself and its potential."

Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“This journey has been a delightful experience. It has allowed us to connect with new individuals in the space, many of whom we might never have met without this AIP. Regardless of the outcome, this initiative reflects our genuine values. A positive result would not be a win for us but for the individuals we assist. We remain neutral in this process, merely individuals with the tools and resources to bring this AIP to life. Success comes in various forms, and we are optimistic that our presentation to the DAO will seed new positive initiatives for many years to come.”

The window to vote on AIP-298 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until Wednesday, October 11th, to cast their coins.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow AIP-298 and will let you know how the community votes tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates!

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