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READY SET GO!: The ApeCoin DAO Announced 'Ape Racing' Today And Teased 'Games And More.' Here's What We Know So Far:

The ApeCoin DAO has been off to the races ever since it was revealed that the Formula 1 racing team the community voted to sponsor earlier this year was BWT Alpine. Now the ApeCoin DAO’s Metaverse Working Group is putting the pedal to the metal and launching $Ape Racing, which will keep you up to speed on all the high-octane activations and events!

The ApeCoin DAO is about to shift  its BWT Alpine partnership into eighth  gear with the upcoming launch of ‘Ape Racing.’

“Happy to introduce APE Racing, the umbrella brand for racing activations within the APE ecosystem,” Metaverse Working Group Stewards Dim.Eth announced today, “The goal is to bring communities together in competitive and fun way through games and more. Keep your eyes open for the first announcement coming soon Powered by @ApeCoin.”



At the time of this article’s publication, we do not know when Dim and the Metaverse Working Group will launch Ape Racing or what kind of activations they are planning. However, we do know that the DAO approved a wide variety of initiatives when it passed the $5.5 million USD multi-year Formula 1 sponsorship Ape Improvement Proposal earlier this year. 

In that proposal, the Ape Foundation stated that ApeCoin DAO contributors could look forward to the integration of $Ape into the F1 racing team's Web3 strategy, the launch of ApeCoin-inspired merchandise and digital assets, the creation of a loyalty program, metaverse activations, and the sale of limited-edition Alpine X $Ape NFTs on ApeChain, among other things.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Ape Racing and will let you know when this new initiative is off to the races. Stay tuned for updates!

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