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'REGISTRATION MONDAY': Novel Labs Will Be Registering NFT And Ordinal Enjoyers For Its Upcoming Mutant Hounds Inscription Mint Tomorrow. Here's What We Know:

Updated: Mar 3

Tomorrow’s Mutant Monday will be extra insane as expanded Yugaverse builder, Novel Labs, gets ready to register NFT and Ordinal enthusiasts for its upcoming Mutant Hounds inscription mint.

“The Hounds are coming,” Novel Labs tweeted from its MH_ Inscriptions account yesterday. “Registration Monday.”

At this time, we do not know much about how the registration will work or who qualifies, but we do know that Mutant Hound holders will all be whitelisted, according to Novel Labs Founder Lior.Eth.

To get Mutant Hound holders, and the Yugaverse, up to speed on Ordinals, Novel Labs shared a blog post breaking down what an Ordinal is and what Mutant Hounds need to do to get ready for tomorrow’s registration and the subsequent mint!

“You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet, preferably one with built-in Ordinal tooling,” NYX wrote. “Because these sats are still BTC and not a new token, they can accidentally be used in transactions. To avoid sending, or burning, your Ordinal, you must be extremely careful transacting with a wallet that owns an Ordinal NFT.  Thankfully there are a few wallets with these protections built in. One of the most popular is Xverse, but there are a variety of options. Check out this how-to for help setting up an Xverse wallet. The next step is to load your wallet up with some BTC. This can be done in a variety of ways. You could purchase BTC through a FIAT onramp such as Kraken or Coinbase and transfer it into your wallet. You could also convert your ETH to BTC using a service like RocketX.”

Before tomorrow’s registration, take a look at some of the insane Mutant Hound Inscription art below:



“The Mutant Hounds ordinals will drive the biggest ETH to BTC migration among top collectors in the space,” Lior.Eth recently tweeted. “Why? High-effort, unbeatable art - on the biggest blockchain on earth. Looking fwd to welcoming y’all to our new world on Bitcoin. Also, the black reapers are grails.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow tomorrow’s Mutant Hounds Inscriptions registration and will let you know when and how you can  !Howl on Bitcoin. Stay tuned for updates!

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