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RESTORED: After The Ape Wall Of Fame Was Defaced, Community Members Came Together And Fixed It!

After an unknown assailant vandalized the Ape Wall of Fame in Miami Florida, local Bored Ape Yacht Club members and Miami based artist Roc Sol and his team have all rallied together and fixed this bored masterpiece.

On June 30th, BAYC member Post, AKA Legend on Twitter, shared a photo of the defaced Ape Wall of Fame on Twitter.

“It took you six months to hit my wall,” Post tweeted. “If you weren’t four foot three you could have defaced my ape”

In total, eight of the 16 bored apes that were prominently displayed at the Ape Wall of Fame were defaced.

While many in the community were upset to see this bored work of art vandalized, local BAYC members and the mural’s artists Roc Sol and his team Project Roadmap knew what they had to do. They had to fix the mural!

“We wanted to keep the positivity going and didn’t want to let the hateful propaganda that has been coming out lately around the Bored Ape Yacht Club ruin the love that this mural represents,” Roc sol told the Bored Ape Gazette. “The mural was created by the community and its members; they have shown nothing but love to local artists like us and we didn’t want to let this incident ruin that. By fixing it, it shows that the damage wasn’t permanent, and that art and creativity wins.”

Since the incident, Roc Sol and the Project Roadmap team have worked to fix the mural.

As of yesterday, the Ape Wall of Fame has been restored to all its bored glory!

“This wall represents so much more than the Apes and web3,” BAYC member GatorApe tweeted. “It represents IP. It represents culture. It represents the interconnections we all have with each other. It represents the city of Miami. It represents US as people. Thank you

@rocsolmiami and the team for everything!”

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