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RESULTS ARE IN: Here's Who The ApeCoin DAO Selected To Move On To The Second Round Of $Ape Voting

ApeCoin DAO contributors made their voices heard last night as they selected five Governance Working Group Steward nominees to proceed to the DAO’s next round of $Ape voting.

After three weeks on non-stop campaigning and debate, the results are in and the ApeCoin community has selected AllCityBAYC,0xSword, TigerIsFine, Sasha, and SSP1111 to be its Governance Working Group Steward candidates this summer!

Take a look at what each candidate tweeted after the polls closed last night:


AllCityBAYC retweeted several congratulatory posts from other candidates!


“I've always thanked every person I've met in this ecosystem and tonight is no different. Thank you. I do want to recognize that for round 2 I will need need to earn 100% votes of confidence. That means improving my social media presence and outlining next steps of the process!”


“So honored to be moving on to the final round with this crew! Today we enjoy this win and tomorrow we get back at it.”


“Amazing to be so close to top 2 despite no ape pfp and taking a break from the space due to divorce/travel/writing a book. Thank you SO much, everyone Round 2 starts tomorrow; time to bring out the big guns and jump to top 2!”


“solo member of the sub-million vote club,”

The window to vote in the second round of the Governance Working Group Steward election opens tonight at 9 P.M. EST and ApeCoin holders will have until next Wednesday, June 28th, to cast their coins for their preferred candidate.

Remember, unlike the DAO’s first round of voting, this round of voting is single choice. This means that $Ape holders will only be able to cast their coins for one candidate per wallet.

The Bored Ape Gazette will be bringing you complete coverage of this week’s election and is working to talk to every candidate. Stay tuned for updates.

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