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Season 1 Of The Forge Ends Next Week. Here Are Some Tips And Strategies To Finish Strong!

Season one of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s HV-MTL Forge is set to end next week on July 20th, and the Bored Ape Gazette’s resident gamer, Mr. Mugen, has some last second tips and strategies to help you finish the season strong!

Take a look at Mr. Mugen's recommendations and advice below:

Forging efficiency and creativity through community

In HV-MTL Forge, the goal is to build out a HV’s Forge by laying down Tiles as a pathway to Portals. Tiles and portals can both be upgraded, but portals can only be upgraded once they are activated. Upgrading Portals will raise how much Energy your Forge can accumulate. Building the Forge takes time and planning to ensure efficient Energy use, recovery, and cap. The second phase of the game incorporates both your energy cap and obtaining votes.

Voting mechanics

Players can visit each other's Forge and cast votes for Forge they like. There are two types of voting, social and Energy voting. Players need to earn 20 social votes to get a daily reward. However, Energy votes involve a little more planning as your HV’s Energy cap limits how many times you can vote a day. Every time an Energy vote is casted, there is a ‘scale’ on how the Energy cost is multiplied for the next vote.

The scale starts at 500 for the first vote and exceeds millions as more votes are casted.

1 - 500

2 - 1000

3 - 5000

4 - 35000

5 - 100,000

6 - 185,000

7 - 600,000

8 - 1,000,000

9 - 1,800,000

10 - ??????

11 - 3,000,000


Energy voting resets daily at 1 PM ET, here are some simple strategies to make sure you’re fully optimized. One strategy is to let your HV upgrade Tile or Portal with almost full energy overnight while having 50-75% of energy available. If not upgrading, just let them be. Energy will recover when idle and the HV is more likely to jump in a Portal to recover all the stored energy. Remember to keep portals repaired and if you can have energy stored. Voting right after reset will allow your HV to work on your Forge while also accumulating energy for high cost votes throughout the day.

To ensure you’re getting daily votes, the best tactic is to trade votes with other players. You can vote as long as your maximum energy cap allows it. The best place to trade votes is in Discord servers where there is a designated channel to do so. Other Space Discord is a good place as their voting channel is usually active throughout most of the day. Make sure to track your vote-backs as messages will flood the channel during peak hours. Also watch out for scammers trying to get free votes, ask for screenshots and ensure you get your votes before casting your votes.

If going through Discord is too fast paced, you can start a group chat with trusted voters and exchange votes that way.

In conclusion, voting is as important as building out one’s Forge. Build out your Forge while upgrading your Tiles and Portals will allow your Forge to hold more Energy to cast votes. These votes matter as it’ll determine the rarity of Amp that is received at the end of season one. Simple strategies like joining Discord servers or starting a group chat to trade votes is a good start to get the momentum started.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Forge and will keep you posted on everything HV-MTL! Stay tuned for updates!

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