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See What ImprobableIo CEO Herman Narula Tweeted About Multiple Metaveres Today

As two Bored Ape Yacht Club members discussed whether there will be multiple Metaverses, ImprobableIo CEO and Co-Founder Herman Narula gave the community some insight into how he views the Metaverse.

On Thursday Bored Ape Yacht Club member GatorApe took to Twitter and asked whether there will be multiple metaverses in the future.

Following Gator’s tweet, BAYC member BoredSpaceape tagged ImprobableIo CEO and Co-Founder Herman Narula and asked him for his thoughts on this topic.

“To answer this you need a robust and useful definition of metaverse,” Narula tweeted. “If we go with the one I provide in virtual society then yes, you would expect multiple metaverses. This is because a metaverse is a network of meaning that connects socially constructed realities .however.. Unlike the internet it *does not follow* that you would want to by default connect all such realities together on an equal footing because the way value flows around the system is going to depend a lot on the economics of those particular experiences.”

Narula followed up his comments with an example of two realities that may not connect well.

“My classic example is, you wouldn't want to connect Harry Potter Realistic Simulation to Call of Duty: Covert Ops, Narula tweeted. “Since it would ruin my hogwarts experience if you snipe, murder and then teabag dumbledore.”

Narula concluded his response by explaining what he sees as the main difference between the metaverse and the internet today.

“The metaverse is not like the internet because I don't see or interact or impact the other people who are on a website with me. In the metaverse you are *present* therefore you are impacting the experience of other users, therefore limiting what is connected to what is important. This is why @MSquared_io is designed so that each metaverse that is part of the network can effectively share value in quite granular ways. Some compatibility is demanded to join the network but there will be a lot of optionality for each metaverse owner beyond that.

The idea of a “network of metaverse”s that Narula discussed in his tweet’s today lines up with his previous comments from earlier this month.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported on September 3rd, Narula tweeted that ImproableIo’s tech, M squared, is a network of platforms.

“Otherside is not a game it’s a platform,” Narula tweeted on September 3rd. “It is powered by M squared which is a network of platforms that all work together. If you own an otherdeed then as we add more worlds to M2 you get more potential people to come visit your content. It’s all stronger together.”

The bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Narula and ImprobableIo and will keep you posted on all things Otherside!

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