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SENSE OF DRED: 1,348 Moonbird Mythic Eggs Will Never Hatch After The Window To Get A Birb Closed

The Yugaverse was filled with a sense of ‘Dred’ on Tuesday as 1,348 Mythic Eggs went poof as the window for PROOF Collective holders to hatch their Moonbird Mythics closed forever.

After weeks of reminders from Yuga Labs and the Moonbirds team to the community reminding them to hatch their Mystic Eggs by April 2nd, time has ran out and 1,348 eggs have been transformed into Dred-Ravaged Eggs.


“Once consumed by the Dred, there’s no coming back,” Moonbirds tweeted this afternoon. “1348 abandoned Mythic Eggs have now been transformed into "Dred-Ravaged Eggs", a single edition artwork by Mythics illustrator @auldrobot. The Hearth is now closed. With nowhere to go, these Dred-Ravaged Eggs will remain frozen…”

“Today, the final Mythics have come through the portal of time,” Dred-Ravaged Eggs illustrator, Auldrobot tweeted after the window to hatch closed. “For those who did not complete their hatching ritual… you are now host to something else.”

While the PROOF Collective was sad to see so many unhatched Birbs, many in the community couldn’t help but marvel at the "Dred-Ravaged Eggs artwork for the unhatched Mystics.


“Love to see a new @Auldrobot piece—and this one is no exception,” Yuga Labs Creative Director Justin Mezzell tweeted. “Beautiful work, sir!”


With 1,348 Mystic Eggs being consumed with Dred, this means that there will only ever be 9,772 Moonbird Mythics chirping in the Yugaverse.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Moonbirds and the PROOF Collective and will let you know what’s next for the project. Stay tuned for updates!

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