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Six Questions With The Team Behind AIP-78 "Ape Worlds - Create Ape-themed games on the blockchain"

An Ape Improvement Proposal is on the ballot this week at the ApeCoin DAO that asks members whether they support the creation a series of bored ape themed video games.

AIP 78 titled “Ape Worlds - Create Ape-themed games on the blockchain, no code required” was written by ApeCoin DAO member Fridayyy and is on the ballot this week at the ApeCoin DAO.

“Ape Worlds is a no-code game experience using the Vy Worlds engine,” Fridayyy wrote in the AIP. “In Ape Worlds, any BAYC fan can take Ape-themed game-building blocks and create their own games. This would allow millions of fans to create and play games together in the BAYC universe and use ApeCoin as the currency of choice for Ape Worlds.”

In the proposal, Fridayyy included a link to the alpha version of the Vy Worlds game so Apecoin members can get a sense of the game.

The Bored Ape Gazette clicked the link and tried out the Vy Worlds Quickplay game. If you’re interested in checking out the game, here’s the link:

To make the Ape Worlds game, Fridayyy asked the ApeCoin DAO for 1 million $Ape coin. This 1 million $Ape will be dispersed in 25% increments to the Vy Worlds team as they complete various stages of their roadmap, according to the proposal.

The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to the Vy worlds team and asked them a couple of questions about their AIP. Take a look at the Gazette’s interview with Vy Worlds below:

1. your AIP has a lot going on, could you give me a 1-2 sentence explanation of what you are proposing?

“Ape Worlds empowers anyone to make their own Ape-themed game on the blockchain, no code required. Players of Ape Worlds will be able to play thousands of games made by the community and earn NFT in the Ape metaverse.”

2. How will Ape World get millions of people into the ape ecosystem?

“Ape Worlds is an instant game, meaning it runs natively in the web browser and can be accessed in seconds. There will also be play-to-mint events where anyone can complete challenges to mint NFT in the Ape metaverse. Pairing instant play with P2M means that anyone on Twitter could hear about an event to mint an NFT then tap on a link and be playing Ape Worlds on mobile or desktop in under a minute.”

3. What is Fall Guys (a game referenced in the AIP)? Will Ape worlds be a skin on top of that game, or a brand-new game?

“We currently support many different multiplayer game types. One game type is a multiplayer racing game that is similar to a game called Fall Guys. That said, we have a number of different game types including 3rd person shooter, which is one of the most popular game types on the market. Outside of the 10 game types for creators to build on, we will launch new game modes as the project progresses.”

4. Where can people play your previous games?

“You can play Vy Worlds at Our founding team comes from Zynga, Jam City, and Glu Mobile (EA) and worked on a number of games including Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and Words with Friends Instant. All of these games are available on iOS and Android.”

5. The game will be built on Vy worlds, and that’s backed by Knock Knock right? So to confirm, is Knock Knock making this game? What role will Knock Knock and the Knock Knock team play in making ape worlds?

Yea, Knock Knock will be developing the platform with our internal team and a handful of partners, including Beffio (art) and Media Machine (trailers).

6. What should Ape holders know about you guys and gaming before this vote?

“Our founding team all has a decade of game development experience. We’ve done the hard work of actually launching a working alpha before we ever did our first NFT sale. We decided against doing land sales because we want anyone to be able to build. There are a lot of people in the web3 space making lots of promises and constantly running sales, our team has tried to deliver actual utility to all of our backers on day 1. We hope that the community can look at this track record and know we are professionals who do our best to under promise and overdeliver.”

The Bored Ape Gazette encourages every $Ape holder to read the Vy Worlds team’s full proposal here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow AIP-78 and the Vy Worlds team. Stay tuned for updates!

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