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Snag Solutions Is Looking For $Ape Holders Input On The Future Of The DAO's Official Marketplace

The ApeCoin DAO’s official $Ape marketplace, Snag Solutions, is looking for feedback on its site and wants to know what $Ape holders would like them to do next!

Nine months after the ApeCoin DAO approved of Snag Solutions’ Proposal to build an $Ape marketplace for the Yuga Labs community, the company’s Founder, ZheerWagen, has taken to the DAO’s Discourse channel looking for community input on what the maretkaaplce should do next.

In a post titled “ApeCoin Marketplace Renewal” ZheerWagen informed the community that four Bored Apes, 10 Mutants, 16 Bored Ape Kennel Club Dogs, and nine Otherdeeds sold on its marketplace from December 2022- February 2023.

“Unfortunately Blur’s token rewards, and OpenSea’s shift in stance re: creator royalties flipped the space on its head, and destroyed any market fit for ,as a royalty enforced platform,” ZheerWagen wrote. “We’re excited to use this proposal as an opportunity to blow this out by leveraging the launch of trading + social and improving fee + incentive structure to make this the go-to destination for the Yuga community to shop.”

Further in his post, ZheerWagen pitched three different ideas to the community about possible paths forward for Snag Solutions’ marketplace and asked the community for their opinions. Check out ZheerWagen's ideas below:

1. Should we match Blur/Opensea royalties for legacy collections or otherwise alter fees to grow volume. (1st proposal was drafted when OpenSea + royalties were dominant)

2. Should we point the funds generated for the DAO to ThriveCoin to fund contributions to the DAO including marketplace incentives?

3. Should we request 10K $APE to audit our 0-fee P2P trading product that reduces scam risk by restricting trading to Yuga collections?

ApeCoin holders who are interested in giving their two cents to ZheerWagen and the Snag Solutions team have until next Wednesday, May 17th, to comment on the Discourse post here:

ZheerWagen told the Gazette that he and his team will take the communities feedback and incorporate it into their final AIP. Snag Solutions plans to have their marketplace renewal proposal up for a vote later this month.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ZheerWagen and Snag solutions Ape Marketplace. Stay tuned for updates!

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