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Snag Solutions Just Launched A New Tool That Helps Creators Build Royalty Enforced Marketplaces

Bear markets are for builders and the team that built the ApeCoin DAO’s official marketplace, Snag Solutions, is continuing to build up its pro creator marketplace network and has added a new self-serve tool that lets NFT creators launch their own royalty enforced marketplaces!

In the middle of the NFT bear market, the community has been discussing royalties and whether they should be enforced.

As the debate continues, the creators of the ApeCoin DAO’s official marketplace, Snag Solutions, have reiterated their support of creator royalties and launched a new software that helps creators build their own marketplaces dubbed Snag V2.

“Any creator can now customize and launch a royalty-enforced marketplace at in minutes, and with zero cost,” Snag Solutions announced on Friday. “To encourage early usage, we’re waiving fees for creators who set up marketplaces through the end of year, as they build their direct channel! Since launching last year, we’ve partnered with some of the top native brands, including @ApeCoin, @WorldofWomen, @RugRadio, @truth, and @akidcalledbeast, building based on their feedback. We’re now making the most frequently used features available for all creators!”

“As we looked at competitive self-serve products (Rarible, Firstmate), we saw the need to offer all creators the ability to customize the experience and pull in our full set of available features to offer the experience their holders deserve,” Snag Solutions Founder CryptoZach told the Gazette. “We started Snag with the goal of building ‘Shopify for NFT’s,’ and while our vision expanded dramatically to include loyalty tooling, API’s, and SDK’s, the quality of user experience stands out clearly as best in class. We’re thrilled to share with the world and give creators the tooling they need to push the category forward.”

Apes and non-Apes who have a project and want to launch their own royalty enforced marketplace can find out more here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Snag Solutions and will let you know what they do next!

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