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SNEAK PEEK? BAYC Members Are Asking Themselves "Wut" After Yuga Labs CGO's Recent Post

Bored Ape Yacht Club members are asking themselves “wut” after Yuga Labs’ Chief gaming officer possibly shared a sneak peek at what’s coming up next!

On Friday, Yuga Labs’ CGO,Spencer Tucker, tweeted that he was “forging” ahead with his work, presumably on the HV-MTL Forge game.

Following his tweet, BAYC member Apetronaut asked Tucker for a sneak peek of what he’s been working on.

A day after Apetronauts asked for a sneak peek, Tucker took to Twitter and shared what appears to be a new image of the Forge game with the word “Wut” and a meme face on it.

Shortly after Tucker’s tweet, the BAYC’s official account retweeted his post.

Currently, BAYC members and Hv-MTL Holders still do not know much about the Forge game. But we do know that players will “build and customize a workshop that prepares your HVs for their evolution,” the BAYC wrote on its HV-MTL website.. “Show off your creations to climb the leaderboard and unlock special abilities. Take risks and face the dangers of the rift to discover blueprints, gather materials, and craft upgrades.”

We also know that the BAYC opened the Hv-MTL garage earlier this week and that players can now park their Mechs inside it and take a closer look at their NFTs.

while nothing is confirmed, many in the community believe that the Journey To Ev0 2 roadmap on the MDvMM website is the Forge game that’s teased as part of the HV-MTL storyline.

If the Forge is the Journey To Ev0 2 roadmap item, then HV-MTL Holders will have the chance to upgrade their mechs later this month.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the HV-MTL collection and will keep you posted on Yuga Labs’ upcoming games. Stay tuned for updates!

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