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SOMNIA SOMETHING: Apes, Kodas, And Voyagers Can Starting Earning Bonus Points For An Upcoming Airdrop!

Somnia Something is brewing in the Yugaverse as the Somnia Network reminded the Web3 world that its quests are live, and Apes, Kodas, and Voyagers were invited to earn a bonus airdrop for helping the blockchain and ImprobableIo make the metaverse a reality!

On Thursday, Somnia Network, a new L1 blockchain and set of omnichain protocols that connect metaverses and is collaborating with Yuga Labs, invited Apes, Kodas, and Voyagers to ape into its Season 2 ‘Dream Hunt Quests’ and start earning Somnia points for the blockchain’s upcoming airdrop!

In order for Apes, Voyagers, and Kodas to participate in Somnia’s Quests, they need to download Somnia Network’s browser, create an account, and go to the Quest Tab here:  

Note, Apes, Kodas, and Voyagers can use Warm or Delegate to participate in the Somnia Quests. Do not connect your cold wallet!


As the Bored Ape Gazette preovusly reported, Garga first announced this oppurutnity for Apes, Kodas, and Voyagers on May 2nd during the Otherside Town Hall Meeting.

“Let’s talk rewards for builders,” Garga tweeted in a recap of the town hall. “This part gets complicated but stick with me. Somnia is a new pre-token Layer 1 blockchain. It’s fast, despite the name. But in addition to being a Layer 1, it’s also an omni-chain protocol that enables some cool interoperability across metaverses. Otherside is powered by ApeCoin and ApeChain, not the Somnia blockchain (we’re just doing stuff with the protocol). Anyway. We made a deal with Somnia so that all Otherdeed, Koda, BAYC, and MAYC holders will be able to complete quests and accrue Somnia points for participating in Otherside development and the next Somnia quest seasons. And the bonuses stack big time, ensuring a massive chunk of rewards goes to Otherside holders who build the metaverse. Basically: Help build the metaverse, and this pre-token Layer 1 blockchain will reward you.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Somnia Network and will bring you more information about the quests and airdrop as it becomes available. Stay tuned for updates!

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