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Special Council Member Captain Trippy Introduced A New 'Super Majority' Proposal That Would Require High-End AIPs To Get 66% Of The Vote To Pass.

After multiple seven-figure Ape Improvement Proposals led to conversations about the ApeCoin DAO proposals, and voting power, Special Council Member Captain Trippy introduced a new ‘Super Majority’ AIP that would require high-priced proposals to receive at least 66% of the vote to pass.

Things have been anything but boring in the $Ape ecosystem during this AIP cycle, as longtime community members voiced their concerns regarding big-ticket AIPs and voting power at the ApeCoin DAO. 

While several whales changed their votes this cycle, casting their coins against these expensive AIPs, Special Council Member Captain Trippy has decided to introduce a new proposal, AIP-436, titled ‘Enhancing Financial Decision-Making with Super Majority Voting of 2/3 for Allocations over US $500,000’, which would add additional scrutiny and requirements to high-end proposals.

“This AIP proposes a modification to the ApeCoin DAO’s decision-making process by requiring a super majority vote for any proposal that involves spending or allocating more than USD five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) of DAO resources,” he wrote. “A super majority, for the purposes of this AIP, is defined as at least 2/3’s of the total number of tokens cast during voting in favor of the proposal without consideration of any abstained votes. In the case of proposals with funding requests designated in $APE (or any other non-USD denomination), a USD-value determination must be made during the review period prior to the voting phase, and to be clarified for the community under the Overall Cost section of the relevant proposals.”

Captain Trippy went on to say that he believes AIP-436 will lead to better financial stewardship, increased community engagement, risk mitigation, enhanced transparency, and greater trust among $Ape holders.

 At this time, AIP-436 is currently in the AIP draft stage at the ApeCoin DAO, and $Ape holders are invited to give their two Sats on the proposal before it progresses through the proposal process.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow AIP-436 and will let you know how when this proposal goes up for a vote. Stay tuned for updates!

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Irene Jane
Irene Jane
May 17

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