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SPOTLIGHT:BAYC Member Ngbshpend Is Using His Made By Apes Degree To Bring Back Some Early BAYC Vibes

Bored Ape Yacht Club member Ngbshpend is putting his MBA (Made By Apes) to good use as he works to bring back some early BAYC vibes by elevating artists from across the Web3 space!

On Friday afternoon, BAYC member Ngbshpend accepted his MBA diploma from Yuga Labs, and by Friday night, the long-time BAYC member was putting his degree to work as he launched his first Open Edition digital collectible in collaboration with crypto artist, BYMEoriginal

This first Open Edition piece titled '1407 Celebrates His MBA Day,' marks the beginning of a series of digital collectibles that Ngbshpend aims to create with various artists as part of his 1407 MBA collection, in an effort to recapture some of those early BAYC vibes."

“Those early days of BAYC where there were ape owners who were artist and also ape owners working with artist is what truly hooked me to the magic of the club and community,” Ngbshpend told the Gazette. “Seeing incredible talents being used to bring the characters we fell in love with to life in various styles/ways has been a special part of this NFT journey for me that I’ve continued throughout my now on going to 3 years here. Since early on I’ve continued to build out my 1407 and great forever Yuga Assets stories through the help of amazing web3 artist.”

BAYC members who are interested in collecting Ngbshpend’s first Open Edition piece can purchase it on Manifold here:

All proceeds from Ngbshpend’s '1407 Celebrates His MBA Day’ piece will go to the artist, BYMEoriginal, and he’s looking forward to working with more artists from across the space in the future.

“The MBA license #01407 will be used for derivative art and house the artwork that will come from here on out and well as some of my old favorites” he said. “That’s where BYME and the Deriiv (art platform) come in. I reached out to them seeing some dope work they've done for @UnsungCrypto and got some work commissioned with BYME's piece being the first done and the first to fall under my MBA. The OE came to mind as a way to commemorate the moment. BYME is an amazing artist and great person so it only felt right to give him 100% of the funds from this work (also paid for the commissioned piece of course) and work with them to bring the story of 1407 to ones who wanna be apart of it.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Ngbshpend’s 1407 journey and will keep you posted on other Made By Apes businesses and initiatives! Stay tuned for updates!

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