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SPOTLIGHT: Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Zech Celebrated His 32nd B-Day At Fuck It Saturday Last Month

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club and PP Man weren’t the only ones celebrating a birthday at Fuck it Saturday last month; longtime Bored Ape Yacht club Member Zech turned 32 and had the "best birthday of his adult life!”

Hundreds of Apes came down to Miami last month to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the MAYC mint during the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s ‘Fuck It Saturday’ event!

The BAYC transformed Miami’s Oasis Wynwood into the swamp, complete with insane decorations, Mutant Murals, radioactive sludge, ThreadGuy, and even the Trap Lord himself, ASAP Ferg!

While the event’s aesthetics were insane and very Mutant, for Zech, the best part of ‘Fuck It Saturday’ was getting to see the friends he’s made around the swamp over the last two years in person again!

Zech purchased his Bored Ape one month after the mint after the floor priced ‘Skyrocketed' all the way to half an Eth!

“At that point I was already interested in getting an ape, but I saw the floor SKYROCKET from 0.2 ETH to 0.5 ETH and thought I was too late to get in,” Zech said.

While Zech thought he was too late at first, he kept watching the community and was amazed by all the things that artists were doing with their primates!

As Zech watched, fear of missing out kicked in and Zech bought his first Ape and soon met BAYC member Josh Ong for the first time online.

“Once the @HouseofKibaa Ape models were released, I tweeted out asking people if they’d let me use their models for an artwork,” Zech said. “And I was shocked to see that Josh Ong was the first person to reply to my post! Throughout my 2+ years in the club, I’ve come to find out that this was something he didn’t uniquely do for me. Hearing that Josh Ong was someone’s first shot at doing something with the Yacht Club has been a story I’ve heard and continue to hear time and time again. It’s what truly makes him the Ape God-Father.”

Soon after Zech aped in, his wife, SeraStargirl, told him that she wanted to join the club as well and began making her now fabulously famous art at the ‘Stargirl Salon.’

As Zech and Sera got more involved in the BAYC, they met more people and went to more IRL events, including the first official BAYC sponsored meet up in Venice, California.

“The vibes I felt and people I met at that first ape meetup really solidified my love for the yacht club as a community of creatives who liked to have fun and build weird things together,” he said.

During that first in real life event, Zech met Peter Fang as the two of them bonded over holding their wives bags!

Zech and Sera have kept creating around the Ape ecosystem ever since the early days of the BAYC and were thrilled that they would not only get the chance to see their Bored friends in Miami at ‘Fuck It Saturday,’ but also that they would get to celebrate Zech’s 32nd birthday in the swamp!

“After feeling like an outsider for so long, like I’d always just be the odd one in friend groups, I finally found a tribe of caring, loving, and like-minded people who I’ve come to cherish and love with all my heart here,” Zech said. “I found my best friends in the Yacht Club. I’ve watched them grow, I watched them hit incredible heights, and I’ve watched them stumble, get right back up and keep pushing forward. It wasn’t the best birthday I’ve had because a bunch of people sang me Happy Birthday. It was that I was surrounded by people who I’ve seen at their highest and at some of their lowest while still being amazing human beings doing what they can to be there for those around them.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to bring you tales from Fuck It Saturday! Stay tuned for updates!

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