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SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Novo Has Wished The Community 'GM' Everyday For A Year!

Wishing others a 'GM' or 'good morning' is a significant part of Web3 culture, and this Bored Ape Yacht Club member has been extending her morning greetings to her fellow primates, Degens, and crypto enthusiasts every day for the past year!

BAYC member Dr. Novo has been active within the swamp and the broader Web3 ecosystem for two years and embarked on a 'GM' journey that culminated in her 365th consecutive 'GM' post earlier today."

“Day365,” she tweeted. “GM #GMStreak.”

“It feels surreal,” Dr. Novo told the Gazette after her 365th gm. “Time goes so fast and keeping a streak makes you realize that more! But it also reinforces the sense of community! Web3 is like family to me! Some folks have even started their reply streak to my streak and a couple more were inspired to start their own GM streak and are going equally strong!”

Since her first days in the space, Dr. Novo has always been an avid gm-er and wished others a good morning on and off until she posted an Ape Improvement Proposal at the ApeCoin DAO. This AIP aimed to set up a New Year’s Eve Party powered by $Ape but instead kicked off her now yearlong gm streak!

“It was 100 days left to New Year Eve 2023 when I started my GM streak, she said. “I had an AIP at Apecoin DAO for an Apecoin annual IRL event at a most incredible location to bring the builders and holders in our ecosystem together in a more accessible way. The AIP unfortunately never reached snapshot due to admin delays but it sparked the first tweet in my GM streak 100 days before the New Year!”

Going forward, Dr. Novo told the Gazette that she plans to “GM every day forever” and for those of you who are wondering, this isn’t automated. She writes each tweet herself!

“I have GMed every day just reminding myself without any scheduled post or even alarms,” she said. “I’m really here and here to stay.”

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