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SPOTLIGHT: In Celebration Of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Meet Yuga Labs’ Jules Sanchez!

To kick off National Hispanic Heritage Month , we're delighted to introduce you to Jules Sanchez from Yuga Labs' Creative team, who will share what #NationalHispanicHeritageMonth means to her and how celebrating diversity extends beyond the workplace. Can you share a bit about your family's cultural traditions and their influence on your life and career?

“I come from a coffee-growing family in northeast Colombia, so since I was a child, I learned firsthand about the small details surrounding the cycle of living things. Creatively, being surrounded by nature made me fall in love with every process that life offers, allowing me to see every aspect of it with great appreciation.” What aspects of your culture are most inspiring or impactful in your daily work?

“I find that music showcases the essence of a culture. As for Colombia, the diversity of each region's rhythms and lyrics are so different from each other, almost like entering different worlds, but at the same time, they tell a lot about our history and what we find valuable through the years.” Are there any role models or figures who have greatly influenced your career path?

“Seeing amazing artists like Andrea Fernandez, Jorge Gutierrez, and Guillermo del Toro share their experience as leaders in the art industry have inspired me and other artists a lot through the years. That kind of representation opened the doors for great Hispanic artists to share their ideas and bring much of their essence to the creative field.” Are there any particular efforts or undertakings to foster inclusivity within the Hispanic community at Yuga Labs?

“In the art team here at Yuga, we host "Draw in Spanish" weekly meetings to hang out and learn more about what we share in common in and out of the workplace. It has made our bonds grow more robust and the workplace generally fun!”

What does being part of a diverse and inclusive workplace mean to you personally, and why is it important?

“Since the beginning, Yuga has been a place where people from diverse upbringings and cultures come together. As a remote company, we have had the opportunity to connect with interesting individuals worldwide. In general, witnessing all the unique ideas and perspectives blend seamlessly has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. It shows how this environment has helped us connect deeply with our public and how we interact as a company.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to bring you Yuga Labs team member spotlights! Stay tuned for updates!

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