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SPOTLIGHT: This Artist Is Making Custom Nike Shoes for Bored Ape Yacht Club Members

From custom Nikes to jean jackets, Indian artist Vansh AKA The Melonade has been busy building the world of in real life personalized wearables for Bored Ape Yacht Club members.

As the NFT market and the BAYC grew in popularity, Vansh saw a business opportunity and knew that he had to start making personalized NFT fashion for holders.

“I had a thought in my head that physicals will always be needed in the NFT market,” Vansh said.” irrespective as some people would love to have some physical products they can showcase. So that's how I entered into this world.”

Once Vansh identified a need in the NFT market, he got to work and tried to break into the space.

Vansh worked hard and messaged over 400 NFT holders before anyone took a chance on him and ordered a pair of hand painted shoes.

“It took me three sleepless nights to receive my first order, Vansh explained. “I say people who put their trust in me and bought the first shoes are the heroes of my brand.”

The first person to take a chance and hire Vansh was BAYC member BlockChainMac who got their Mutant Ape on a pair of Nikes.

Getting his first customer was just the beginning for Vansh. 10 months later, the Indian artist has hand painted and sold over 70 custom Nikes.

When asked why he thought hand painted shoes resonated with so many BAYC holders, Vansh explained that having custom shoes is a great way for people to express themselves.

“They are personally designed and that always gives off a very good vibe,” Vansh said. “Nft's have changed so many lives, including mine, so when people receive their NFT in real life on a shoe, it’s very special to them.”

Vansh is currently accepting orders for his custom Nike shoes along with several other customizable items such as rugs, statues, jackets, among other things.

Vansh charges $350 USD for a pair of custom Nikes; this includes the shoes, the design, any customization, and the shipping fees.

If you’re interested in having your ape on a pair of Nikes, be sure to reach out to Vansh on Twitter @TMelonade and check out his website here:

See some of Vansh’s work below:

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