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SPOTLIGHT:This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Is 'Made By Apes'& Speeding Towards His Race This October

Bored Ape Yacht Club member Andy (0xand3es) and his racing team,SX83, are officially ‘Made by Apes’ and gearing up for their big race later this year.

“The passion for racing lives on five years after the Covid-era of TheWay racing,” Andy tweeted. “Today, I'm excited to announce the launch of @TeamSX83 x MAYC 18350, the world's first web3 incorporated @BoredApeYC approved race team (MADE BY APES #00056).”

Before Andy was ‘Made By Apes’ and operating a racing team, he was a five year-old boy who would go kart race with his mother, who instilled a sense of adventure in him!

“I began my racing journey around the age of 5, accompanied by my mother (rest in peace), who used to take me to a small go-kart track under a bridge in Taipei,” Andy told the Gazette. “Throughout the years, she continued to take me to various backyard tracks, allowing me to have fun and enjoy myself.”

Years later, Andy and his family moved to the United States where he went from go-karting to modifying cars and racing wherever he could and even competed in tournaments throughout his college career!

“While street racing in PHX was thrilling, it was also perilous,” Andy said. “Seeking a safer outlet, I decided to refine my skills at the local PHX Firebird open track days. After several open track sessions, I delved into autocross, a place where racing prowess truly comes to the forefront. I participated in numerous events across different states, although my performance didn't yield significant results.”

After college, Andy moved back to Taipei where he began to go kart again. Over time, Andy strapped in and put the peddle to the metal on a new racing venture in China. But due to Covid, he had to slam on the breaks and shut it down.

But Andy was determined to not let this setback stop him from speeding towards his dreams!

“As the world started to recover from the pandemic, and after extensive planning, a close friend and I decided it was time to make a comeback.”

Andy and a partner went full speed into their new venture, the SX83 race team, and even got BAYC member Itstaeminkim and the entire Taiwan BAYC community in on the action!

With the help of his fellow Apes and a bit of luck, Andy and the SX83 team have received an invitation to a major race in China, the China FIA, and will be competing this October!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Andy and the SX83 team and will keep you posted on their highspeed endeavors. Stay tuned for updates!

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