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SPOTLIGHT: This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member's Mockumentary On HV-MTL Forge Premiered Yesterday

Following a 126-day HV-MTL forge, Bored Ape Yacht Club member NFTartCO released a 'mockumentary' film that documented his hypothetical journey as a professional gamer, encapsulating how many around the swamp felt about the Forge!

Click, click, click, vote, click, click, click, vote. The BAYC’s HV-MTL Forge came to an end 13 days ago, much to the relief of just about every player tired of the constant cleaning, building, and vote trading.

One player who was particularly happy to see the Forge finish was BAYC member NFTartCo, who created a mockumentary about many Apes' real-life experiences as professional HV-MTL forgers over the last six months, titled ‘Vote for Vote: the road to nowhere.’

“This mini-doc goes out to everyone who ground through months of HV-MTL,” NFTartCO tweeted. “Follow my journey from BAYC minter to professional gamer grinding through the ups & downs of the Forge. I made this mockumentary with as much love for the @BoredApeYC as, well, you'll find out...”

In the nearly ten-minute-long film, NFTartCO takes viewers on an emotional journey that captures the feelings of many HV-MTL Forger’s throughout the game from training, to building, to vote trading, to the game ending and wondering, ‘what.’

“Who would play a game that’s not rewarding in any sense of the word, not pleasurable in any sense of the word, or building social capital? Only an idiot,” he said. “Imagine if we had spent all this time doing something else. We could have put our time and energy towards something, and done something positive, built something good, learned new skills. Imagine that. Imagine!”

After posting his mini-doc, HV-MTL Holders from across the Yugaverse took to Twitter and thanked NFTartCO for making the film and explaining their thoughts on the game in a well made movie!

“Never knew I needed to spend 10 minutes watching this, but here we are,” BAYC member Annamerica tweeted. “This was great and sad at the same time, so glad forge is over.”

Even Yuga Labs Co-Founder Garga took to Twitter and told NFTartCO how much he enjoyed the film and that the Yuga Labs team is taking his and the community's feedback to heart.

“This made me laugh/cry inside. Well made and fair critique,” Garga tweeted. “Saga of how we got here will have to be yet another chapter for the memoirs. New team running things hears you all.”

In real life, NFTartCO says that he was burnt out on Forge after season two, but this grueling game was a great opportunity to use his production skills and make a movie!

“I was burned out after season 2, ready to quit if it weren't for the voting groups,” he told the Gazette. “Then I got the idea to make the doc when the startup I've worked for folded and I had some free time and was only doing the voting for the game. I think I ended up with 2-3 epic amps but not what I could have with 5 hv's. I hated that shit so much, obviously. only played the rift enough to screen record & never even saw a boss.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the story of the HV-MTLs and will let you know when the journey to EV03 begins. Stay tuned for updates!

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