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SPOTLIGHT: This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Will Be Uncorking His Wine Business At ApeFest!

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member will raise a glass to BAYC and his Made By Apes Business next Saturday as he uncorks his wine company, ApeVine, at the members' boutique during ApeFest 2023.

BAYC member Sep Sauce’s has been building his own wine company, ApeVine for a while now with the goal of blending art, technology, and of course, great wine.

“Our journey began with a vision that wine could transcend its role as a simple beverage and become a captivating artistic canvas,” Sep Sauce told the Gazette. “We set out by joining forces with Web3 artists, and our inaugural label paid tribute to my ape from the iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club with an artist twist.”

Sep Sauce’s ApeVine bottles feature his Bored Ape, bored Ape #5133, in a couple different styles!

The idea to create a wine brand based on his Bored Ape began to ferment during a conversation with a partner of his who told him about the out dated process of buying and selling vintage and rare wines.

“As my partner outlined the convoluted rituals involving witnesses, signatures, and provenance, it struck me that the Web3 space, with its boundless creativity, could offer a groundbreaking solution,” Sep Sauce said. “The concept of using NFTs as 'phygital' proof of ownership was born.”

During ApeFest, Sep Sauce will be pouring alpha about how ApeVine fixes the problems of old while also pouring free wine samples to his fellow primates!

ApeVine will not only debut at ApeFest on November 4th, but also the company will do its inaugural mint that people can purchase and redeem for a bottle of ApeVine wine and a member’s pass.

“Our long-term plan is to continue fostering relationships within the Web3 community, collaborating with artists, and reshaping the wine industry by bridging the digital and physical worlds,” he said. “We aim to provide our members with exclusive access to rare and sought-after wines from around the globe and events to go with it.”

Be sure to check out Sep Sauce’s ApeVine booth at the Bodega during ApeFest 2023! Also, be sure to follow ApeVine on Twitter @apevinellc.

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