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SPOTLIGHT: This Made By Apes Artist Combined The Culture Of The BAYC With The Aesthetics Of Lisbon To Create A Beautiful ApeFest 2024 Edit!

As the Bored Ape Yacht Club prepares to write the tale of ApeFest 2024 in Lisbon later this year, Made By Apes business Book of Reverie is weaving its own narrative into the ApeFest prelude with culturally rich and anything-but-boring Lisbon-inspired jacket edits!

As BAYC members claimed their ApeFest 2024 tickets last month, Book of Reverie founder Magdylan was filled with 'cope' because she knew she would be unable to attend this year’s event. But, like many great artists, she wove that cope into her work, bringing some Portuguese culture to the swamp and Timeline with her Lisbon-inspired jackets that pay homage to the BAYC culture and the aesthetics and styles of Lisbon, Portugal.

“I wanted to somehow incorporate these designs with how I envision Portugal in my imagination (having never been there)—and that is covered in blue and white tile,” she tweeted earlier this week, “I learned a bit about the rich history of Azulejo in the process of looking at patterns and motifs. To bring it all together and back to BAYC, I pulled inspiration from the incredible artwork for ApeFest with mosaic + sardines, and brought those into the final pattern along with elements from the flag of Portugal. Then added some bananas and a bored to death ape for good measure.”



Take a look at some BAYC members rocking Magdylan’s ApeFest jacket below:



BAYC members who are interested in getting their Ape fitted in an ApeFest Lisbon Jacket by Reverie can reach out to Magdylan on Twitter or reply to her post below:


Thr Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Book of Reverie and will keep you posted on all things ApeFest 2024. Stay tuned for updates!

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