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SPOTLIGHT: This NFT Artist And Father Has Been Reimagining People's PFPs As Shoes!

For the last year and a half, this NFT artist and father has been exploring the Web3 Space with his kids; and has designed digital shoes based on NFT holders’ assets!

In October 2021, NFT enthusiast Dad& Kids joined the NFT community and began reimaging various users profile photos as Nikes and ran with the idea!

“I really don't know how I came up with the idea,” Dad& Kids told the Gazette. “ it all of a sudden came to me when I was looking at a pair of my Nike sneakers and thought I would try draw them on my ipad...then had the idea to base the sneaker off of my own pfp.”

Since that time, Dad& kids has drawn and reimagined 52 sneakers based on various NFTs and recently designed a par of custom kicks for Bored Ape Yacht Club member JetSetJ!

“@Dad_And_KidsNFT has just done this wonderful mutant air max 95 for me," JetSetJ tweeted. “Love it!! He’d already done one for my OG ape ages ago.. but LOVE what he does!!! Soooo cool!!!”

Check out some of Dad& Kids’ other shoe designs below:

Dad&Kids is available to reimagine any Bored Ape, Mutant ape, or NFT as a shoe for .05 Eth. If you’re interested in having your PFP transofmred into a fresh pair of kicks, you can reach out to Dad&Kids on Twitter @ Dad_And_KidsNFT

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