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SPOTLIGHT: This Voyager Is Using Midjourney AI To Create Some Amazing Otherside Inspired Art.

Where’s Crypto Waldo? On the Otherside of course!

This Voyager has been using his knowledge of the metaverse and combining it with the power of Midjourney AI to get an idea of what it will be like to break through to the Otherside later this year!

After entering the NFT space two years ago, Crypto Waldo has been grinding through this bear market and accumulating Yuga Labs assets before the company's highly anticipated metaverse opens in 2023.

“Last month I was able to buy my dream PFP NFT for the first time, a MAYC,” Crypto Waldo told the Gazette. “But as an Otherside fan, my goal was a Koda with deeds and vessels. My Koda is Mr. Pinky Gucci. #9191 I own 6 deeds at this point with 8 vessels and the Koda.”

As he packed his bags for the Otherside, Crypto Waldo dove deeper and deeper into the project’s whitepaper and was amazed by the level of detail.

“As a passionate Otherside voyager, I started studying the ecosystem deeply in order to be ready for the future," he said. “The Otherdeeds collection features so many traits and details, aside of its still not full disclosed lore/story.”

The more he read, the more he knew that holding Otherside assets wasn't enough and that he had to start building now!

So, he bought an AI art subscription and began designing what the Otherside might be.

“I decided then to pay for a subscription on Midjourney and try a huge amount of different combinations, in order to achieve the final result,” In order to be able to build and contribute to the future of Otherside, I must be part of it, as yuga encourages us in the Otherside Litepaper.”

Take a look at some of Crypto Waldo’s designs below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Crypto Waldo’s Otherside journey and will keep you posted on his art and how it evolves over time. Stay tuned for updates!

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