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SPOTLIGHT: Web3gatsby Is Ringing In The New Year In New Tokyo With His Paper Craft Wagmi-San!

Kagmi Holder and Bored Ape Yacht Club member Web3gatsby is ringing in the New Year in New Tokyo by finally building his Wagmi-San paper craft!


After a busy 2023 for the Grailed, filled with collaborations, popcorn, and speculation, and an even busier year personally for Web3gatsby, he finally found some time to raise a glass to another year in the Yugaverse and build his limited edition Wagmi-San paper craft yesterday!


“To celebrate the last  @10KTFshop Thursday of the year, I put together my Meebit Wagmi-san with his very special @beeplesigned sleeve,” he tweeted, “Hi he will now always stand next to his Kagami portal”



This limited-edition five piece item is based on the legendary Craftsman himself and was given to all 893 Kagmi holders in early 2023.


Web3gatsby’s personal Wagmi-San papercraft is even rarer than most because his was signed by the one and only Beeple!


“Beeple’s involvement with 10ktf and Kagami was what got me in the event in the first place as Kagami holders had 30 tickets,”he said. “So needed that 1/1 beeple signed wagmi-san.”


Web3gatsby went on to tell the Gazette that he’s looking forward to another year with the community and seeing what the 10KTF team does with the Grailed PFPs!


“Community is golden, true friends I’ve gotten to meet thanks to the project,” he said. “What I’m looking forward to most is the reveal of the PFP collection, The Grailed, and seeing what happens with all other items and assets in their ecosystem.”


Along with giving Web3gatsby true friends, 10KTF has also inspired him to build his own project. “(They) inspired me to build something of my own with a similar approach in terms of corporate communication and NFT business model,” he said.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Web3gatsby and will keep you posted on all things 10KTF. Stay tuned for updates!

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