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SPOTLIGHT: Yuga Labs Celebrates BlueEyeQueen This National Disability Day!

Happy National Disability Day! ♿ Today, we're proud to introduce you to Blue Eye Queen from our Operations team, who will share what #NationalDisabilityDay means to her and how the celebration of diverse abilities extends beyond the workplace 💙.

Blueeyequeen or “Blue”, is a passionate disability advocate, using her voice to speak up for those who may not be able to. As a co-founding member of our DEI Committee at Yuga, she actively works towards creating a more inclusive environment at Yuga and beyond. She’s a beta tester for robotic suits that enhance mobility for people with disabilities, a TedX closing speaker, and a talented abstract artist. Her love for culture and language has taken her on incredible journeys to 38 countries!

Yuga is truly grateful for Blue and the invaluable contributions she brings to our organization and the world at large!

👂Tell us about yourself.

"Greetings, I'm Blueeyequeen, also known as Blue, BEQ, or Queen. I've been a part of our Operations team since last January, and being in a startup feels like a whirlwind adventure every day. Embracing the Wild West atmosphere, with Yuga as the ultimate tastemaker, brings an abundance of exciting challenges to solve!"

⚒️ How has your disability influenced your career path?

"For privacy reasons, I maintain anonymity on many platforms to avoid any unfair treatment based on my identity. Working in web3 offers me a unique opportunity to have a voice and create an identity while remaining anonymous. At Yuga, my physical disability does not serve as a barrier because my passion and determination fuel my work, and this mindset resonates throughout the company."

💻 What does your remote office look like?

"My remote space looks like a new place each time I open the laptop. I am inspired by my surroundings, and I make an effort to see something new with my eyes every day! Life is short - live the journey with intention."

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